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About this blog

just some poems I've written that I would like to share that reflect my thoughts and feelings

Entries in this blog


Some days feel low and some days feel high

some days I find joy and some days I just cry

its a mixture of heightened emotions that I can’t even describe

some days feel tough and some days feel like a breeze

some days I find comfort and some days I can’t find ease

its a mixture of heightened emotions I can’t even describe


lost and trapped in this loophole

don’t know when I'll get it under control



Thought I was never going to change
Now thinking about it just feels strange
'Cause I never used to see it coming
I saw myself changing and chose to ignore it

It was for the good but mostly for the bad
Even after I realised, I was neither happy nor sad
I became nicer but less faithful 
Maybe I should've been more careful

The things I told myself I was never going to do 
Now I do them like it's not so bad
I know I didn't completely change to the worst 
But I know my level in faith decreased

Maybe I just wanted to fit in 
And experience it all
Maybe I felt like I was restricting myself too much 

I do not know when I'll climb back 
When I'll return back to my original phase
Where I was so dedicated to my faith.
No matter what obstacle would try and deceive me.

Never thought I was going to change
Now thinking about it just feels strange
'Cause I never used to see it coming
I saw myself changing and chose to ignore it.


Overthinking is everybody's greatest weakness

Did I say or do something wrong?
What does that person think of me?
Does he/she hate me?
Is it really my fault ?
Did I make a good or bad impression?
Was I exaggerating?
Was I being a hypocrite?

Maybe I shouldn't have said that
I shouldn't have made that person think of me that way
Why does he/she hate me?
I know that it was my fault
I know I made a bad impression
I know I was over exaggerating 
I know I was being a hypocrite

Overthinking is like smashing your head against a wall
You keep smashing your head, knowing that nothing's gonna change
No matter how much you think of that situation 

Everything will stay the same.


Such hard things in life that you can't even cope 
But with God by your side, you can't just lose hope

All that pain keeping you up tonight 
You just gotta keep reminding yourself that it's alright

For that silent growing pain is only temporary.
Strengthening our faith and pushing away the guilt that wasn't even necessary.



No doubt I know youse love me
And all these restrictions are there to protect me
But for how long does it have to be this way
How long do I have to pretend that I'm okay

You try hard to guilt trip me
Even though I didn't completely change to the worst
You'd still assume that I lost all my faith
Yet little do you know I pray for you almost everyday

Sometimes I think I'm a little too selfish
To be thinking this way, some are too unfortunate
Instead of complaining I should realize that I'm fortunate
For my life is filled with blessings others wish to have

Forgive me, I have given them a hard time
All I ever wanted them was to understand
They'd make it seem like I'm committing a crime
With their guilt tripping words that I can no longer stand.


Why am I always agitated

To the point where I'm just irritated

At every small thing that comes my way

I throw a tantrum not realising what I say

Sometimes I reassure myself

It's okay, your human, you can control yourself

But everytime I try, its only temporary

And I try to push away the guilt that I carry

No matter how many times you fall

Keep breaking through that strong immense wall

Even if you still haven't been able to and you just wanna stop

Be proud that you still didn't drop

That you still haven't given up.


There will be ease

Don't you ever wish that you could rewind

And remove all those bad memories that were left behind

But then God tells us to learn and move forward

Thinking about the past will just make us fall downwards

He has promised twice that there would be ease 

So make a difference and just let those thoughts cease

Later in life they'll be deep regret

For all that wasted time you could never get

You could've spent that precious time valuably 

But instead you decided to waste it worthlessly

So shed less tears and continue to smile

For your sorrow and hardships will only last a while




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