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    • I think you need a good sleep or time for rest. Please have it and spare me. Ok, and what you and your friends were doing here? Khutba e Fadak was the words of Al-Jahiz, this is Shia position? And should I refer you more threads? You're continue to throw allegations on me despite the fact that I have never claimed that I am a scholar nor I have claimed that I am presenting Shia position. Whatever has been mentioned is a fazeelat in my opinion.   
    • She likes figuring stuff out. Maybe she would enjoy mysteries. I wonder if she's old enough to enjoy The Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew. Are those even appealing to modern kids? And how to get there from stories of magic cats? 
    • Heh. She's 7. We're at the level of multiplication, division, and some fairly simple logic and algebra. Other than Al Jibra, I don't know if history has recorded who is responsible for those. 
    • Brother you quote these one liners like the scholars are not aware of them.  Besides the full Hadith e kisa is not even part of Sheikh Qummi's Mafiteh.  This is trying to go ahead of the scholars and I am sure you don't but is equating oneself to 'Aql e Qul'.   So you are articulating a view based on your own Qiyas which is Haram for the full audience of shiachat and others outside, a view which is not even Shia, to many an impressionable younger brothers. Responsibility is a word that comes to mind.  Besides I have told you of the three Shia scholarly views. Is this a new view outside the fold of shiaism.  Plus you are not willing to seek guidance or ask a learned scholar, because the answer will fit your conjecture.    Hazrat Abbas(عليه السلام) had a son named Fadl. 
    • sorry for the super late reply. isn't this the case most of the time? that the mutation(s) is detrimental to the life form's existence and rarely beneficial? Let alone getting that totally 'random' perfect beneficial mutation at the exact moment a creature needs it when the creature is subjected to a life-threatening change in the environment.. I mean sure if there is some sort of intelligence force directing such occurrences, but for random chance alone it is not plausible in the least. so far I still haven't come across a convincing mechanism outside of intelligence, and random chance will never be a convincing mechanism...  
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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