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    • 7th day Anyone As long as it's safe there is no issue in it.  Not that I know of Have a read of this: Ayatollah Khamenei: Q: When a baby is born to us, what are the mustaḥabb and obligatory acts to do? I heard that one would say adhān in his / her right ear, etc. Would you explain that in detail? A: There are certain manners and etiquettes to be adopted at the birth some of which are obligatory and others are mustaḥabb. The obligatory one is circumcision for a male baby which is recommended to be done on the 7th day. There are many mustaḥabb and here are some of them: 1- Bathing the baby at birth provided it is not harmful. 2- Saying adhān in his / her right ear and iqamāh in the left one. 3- Smearing the baby’s palate with water from the Euphrates river and soil from the shrine of Imam Ḥusayn (a.). 4- Naming the baby a good name and it is preferable to give him the names of the Prophets (s.), their executors  and those names that indicate servitude to Allah.  5- Arranging for a banquet (walīmah) upon birth. 6- Slaughtering an ‘aqīqah animal which is recommended to be on the seventh day. 7- It is mustaḥabb to shave baby’s head from the seventh day on and giving gold or silver, that equals the shaved hair in weight, in charity.
    • That’s because our leaders in every level whether in religion or personal work society are as lost as people feel but life goes on right. I wonder do people ever wonder why my life feels like wrong? Why does it feel wrong when I believe in Allah? I should feel good but I don’t........  When people feels like that’s because Allah puts that pressure on you so you can realise may be I mean just may be I am doing something wrong!!!!!!  Allah created the human with tools that is built in such as your senses and best of all YOUR BRAIN. We can intellect and we can reason.  We know if we do something wrong we feel bad..  but when we do something right we feel good.  BUT when we don’t do the right thing when we are told it is wrong makes it WRONG.  And  when we do something wrong and really deep down we feel good you wonder why!!! But it is wrong.. blah blah blah.  Why waste words on it. Why not research and why not Ask Allah to guide you.  I mean really Ask Allah to guide you. ask him ALONE you see that’s the trick. Do not associate anything or any one with him.  Guys you got to stop complaining and complicating things. Keeps things simple.  Hope I gave my opinion.    
    • You can also refer to these links for more information: http://www.duas.org/aqiqa.htm
    • Have you tried making it a special day? Doing or starting a tradition no matter you alone follow it or not?
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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