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    • In Sana'a. It's not the Saudis that accuse them. But World Food Program for one has made reports about it.  
    • Salam, May I ask something? Some body came up to me and said the following God is the best so for example in the world there are 4 people and 1 is elected as king as he is the best of them. This shows that even when God is one there are many others as well but he is one because he is better than the three remaining. These three are the demi gods. I have no idea how to answer such a concept because we know that there is nothing comparable to Allah but he says yea he is not comparable BUT to the  creation he made. I don’t know how to answer this at all.
    • Buddy stop arguing for the sake of arguing. The title of the article is not just reasons to leave shi'ism, but it is 12 reasons... and point one is part of their twelve reasons. There is no prohibition of istigatha in the qur'an or sunnah. In fact, you will find in the narrations the encouragement of the act of saying Ya Muhammad. See this hadith. Again, read the title of their article. No, they never said Sunni narrations on Karbala are more logical. They said that some Shia narrations are absurd. Not realising, that much of these absurd narrations are not actually required to be believed in to be Shi'a. They even mention that apparently someone got doubts about Shi'ism because of the fabrications of Karbala.  I think you missed the point of my argument. All I was trying to say is firstly they misrepresent the diversity of views on the narrative of Karbala and then they make the fallacious argument of because some Shi'a versions of the event of Karbala are absurd, you have to become Sunni.
    • I was reading that people say Zoroasterism was the worlds first religion and Hinduism got influenced by it then Judaism, then Christianity, then Islam, etc. Do you guys believe any of these religions have anything to do with Zoraster?
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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