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    • On behalf of @hasanhh, I shall ask... What do y'all think about cosmetics and make up. Do any of the sisters wear makeup here? I personally don't wear make up, maybe once or twice a year (just some foundation, concealer and lip balm) and thats a maybe. I feel as though it grabs too much attention to myself, overall I don't feel comfortable putting makeup on. Its also a hassle to take it off -_-. This is MY Personal preference and opinion.  What about you??
    • brother!! hang on, Im going to make a dedication.
    • Yes.  See Ruqaya1O1 ^^^^
    • This one is really difficult to answer as it depends on indiviual circumstances but my general idea on this matter is that women should work jobs that serve humanity and do their best to avoid working for corporations if possible. Muslim sisters with physical, mental or emotional problems would go to see female doctor due to Islamic rulings? as maybe they need to take off their clothes or talk about very personal stuff but since all females are staying home they are forced to go to a male doctor even for giving birth! so we need female in the workforce but preferably not in corporations as they are very toxic and all sorts of abuse and harrasement against females take place. I know some sisters don’t have a choice as theyre divorced/widowed or the income of the husband is not enough to support the family which unforunatly is very common these days with many countries in recession many are not left with a choice but take up jobs. Another point that I wolud like to raise isMore income results in more money that can be spent on the upbringing of the child such as paying for extra classes and living in a good neighbourhood now imagine if a mother stays home and works on the upbrigning of her children but they live in a bad neighborhood due to less financial security as only the husband works on one hand the mother is doing her best to raise good kids but on the other side you have bad children influencing behaviour  Overall, a very tough question to answer 
    • That should be another thread.
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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