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    • If that's not a tactical nuke, I don't know what is
    • One of my responsibilities is going to be taking cards around to different home builders and drumming up more work for us. We're probably not going to hire on any other people for about two years. He already can glaze entirely by himself, he's just bringing me in to teach me a trade because he's sick of seeing me floundering & because he doesn't trust anyone else to actually work hard (He knows that I personally invest myself into the work I do)
    • What’s going to happen? Reverse enslavement?  It’s interesting liberal academics are singled out for this practice of “re-defining” when many right wing figures will start with a “racism exists and should be condemned in all forms” disclaimer, then when presented with every real world example of racist actions, will deny race has any relevancy to the matter. They unilaterally decide incident X is “not racist”, and make every excuse to attribute another reason or narrative. Conveniently there’s nothing to condemn because their definition of racism doesn’t ever seem to be met. What about that kind of re-defining?   So white guilt and sensitivity is the most pressing matter? Racial tensions will be improved if white people feel less collective shame? Why are their feelings the overriding factor, as if that’s the biggest violation that has occurred? The quantity of your posts here harping on it seems to suggest that, even though this thread is about “Black Lives”. You’re talking about white people more than anybody else here. Guilt is a form of humility. If enjoying the “benefits of civilization” built on the backs of slaves and the poor past and present requires a mental asterisk of shame and guilt, that’s the social tax. So be it. You’re still enjoying the benefits. Maybe more guilt and shame would have prevented interventionist foreign wars, because there would be less enthusiasm for “sharing our values” by force. From what I’m reading in this topic, there isn’t agreement on diagnosis, and some are denying issues because their hatred of the left is stronger than their acknowledgement of reality. Some people on here I will definitely not think of the same way again.
    • No, he is not. He also helds belief that are against Shiaism  
    • OK so MaSsIVe disclaimer: I LOVE and adore marjiayat but is it really Wajib ? I get if they said its mustahab or HIGHLY mustahab but think of Ahkham Haram, makrooh, mubah, mustahab, wajib so I know the verse in the Quran about seeking guidance but it doesn't say it is commanding it. by that logic Jummah is wajib but we know its wajib takhyri and we know in an non islamic country with non muslim leader. Jummah is invalid anyway! SO by saying it is wajib u say islam is incomplete so basically how do u know this letter is from Imam Mahdi (AJTFS) ? because the holy Prophet (SAWAWS) told us what we need to know man! In the quran on ghadeer the aya that says today we have completed your religion for you. Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) also says we have made the Quran easy to you. so why os taqleed wajib so now u give THE DOCTOR logic of if ur sick or if your in court. THAT LOGIC IS PERFECT but God and His Prophet (SAWAWS) are my docotrs they cure me, help me, and all of us. NONE OF THE IMAMS (ASWS) would or even can change something finalasied by the Prophet (SAWAWS) ok we know all this AND still say its wajib I don't get it I need an answer! 
    • Please show me where I said that, and explain how your assertion is relevant to this discussion.    I said neither of these things. Please explain how it is relevant to the discussion. 
    • Quotes of the master of the 12 Imams don’t make the cut?
    • God is dead , said Nietzsche.  So he reasoned and thought. Others grasped onto his utterance. Creating an avalanche of unbelief.  Man is enlightened , free ,  From the shackles of religion .  Free to invent, to create , to grow.  God denigrated to the shelves. Where he gathered dust , discarded.  Sometimes sought for , In difficult times - when money failed. The bottle failed , drugs tolerated . Even love became questionable .  A weakness , a disease  then man fell on his knees. His heart felt - something unintelligible  The ravages of life had damaged him . He raised his hands and prostrated. In a last , hope , for mother , father - For God , for those who truly cared .  Who had freely given that thing, called    Love    How he’d give the cars , the drugs . The women , the so-called friends. The credit cards , the gadgets , phones . For an ounce of true love,  For a fleeting glimpse of that thing  Called , peace , true contentment.   (((((Descartes and Nietzsche)))))   He maybe realised that he was wrong .   Descartes - the I presupposes the Am  Nietzsche - God is dead in your mind    You looked in the wrong place .  You ‘thought’ man no longer needed his Maker.  And so you ran and hid - but couldn’t  You simply died , inside . God is in your heart . Your words were meaningless , To that man on his knees.  reawakened to the truth    You cannot hide from God  He is the alpha and omega. His way is Love - to stray is to fall.  Like that man, arms lifted, like us .  So, lift your hands and God may raise you  Remember the time when a child. And your mother lifted you - And kissed your cheek.   
    • I didn’t make an argument, you did. You presented a claim about rates, and I gave some numbers that don’t support your claim. 
    • The article that I posted presented both views negative and positive. Now, if you want to present a certain aspect of the article that you disagree with, then please go head and present your disagreement?
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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