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    • Completely agree. That is the goal of unmarried life, that when halal sex isn't available, one should have sexual desire reduced to such a low level that there is absolutely no difficulty at all.  But my question is about a specific situation where an unmarried person who cannot do mutah and also does not get any nocturnal emissions feels genital pain and discomfort because of unreleased semen. Can there be any method by which a conduit or a tube or a catheter be used to allow free flow drainage of semen when it cannot be brought out intentionally ( person is unmarried and isn't allowed to masturbate) and will not come out unintentionally either as he doesn't get any nocturnal emissions?
    • There seem to be too many birds. I counted several times and get around 331-333 correct amount might be 331
    • Why do most women, especially it seems in the Muslim community feel that doing the house work, especially washing the dishes is a form of abuse? I can understand that it may not be pleasant to be forced to do it, but it is a necessary habit to develop. Ironing is kind of a abusive but generally doing a bit of cleaning up really isn't that bad. Unless it is the kind of thing where you had to hand wash dirty underwear or something and now you have these Vietnam war veteran type flashbacks when you hear the word 'cleaning' - but still you guys make way too much of an issue about it.
    • I counted again and got it 332
    • Actually its the opposite, if you go for a long time without masturbation You can actually get your urge and sexual desires under control whereas if you have sex with your spouse lets say once a week then you will get alot more urges There are people that have gone yearsss without masturbation or sex becuause they are unmarried and they have no problem with their urges,if u constantly keep thinking about the urge and sexual desire then its never gonna leave you alone You should develop self discipline and deal with the urges until you get married 
    • Night dreams is a natural way for release of sexual desire when a man is unmarried. However, not everyone can get nocturnal emissions. Some people never get a single night dream in their life. Others get very frequent night dreams.  If a person cannot get married and cannot do mutah and also doesn't get any night dreams at all and also can't masturbate because it is haram...then it is the most extremely difficult test of sexual patience. Basically that means the sperms will not come out itself and you are not allowed to bring it out yourself because you are unmarried and masturbation is forbidden. That means no way for the semen to come out - practically it gets blocked inside the scrotum and causes severe discomfort. Someone whose sperms can get released through halal sex or wet dream will not feel that much urge. But when a person cannot get married or do mutah or is married with no access to spouse, and also doesn't get any wet dreams  and on top of this, cannot masturbate either, it means an extreme build of pressure in the genitals and intense pain and discomfort. Now, all of this can be easily treated with masturbation but since this is forbidden, so people who don't get nocturnal emissions and also have to stay chaste by not masturbating go through immense physical struggle.. Baring this constant pain, a constant feeling similar to when you are holding urine in the bladder or holding stool from coming out can be excruciating. This is like a jihad - a battle with yourself to prevent the sperm to come out by masturbation, when it cannot come out automatically via nightfall or deliberately with halal sex.  Now, there are some duas and perhaps recommend acts which can be done to prevent nightfall - to prevent semen from coming out and making you ritually impure....but the question is...is there any recommendation to suggest how can a man get nocturnal emissions so that he doesn't suffer pain because of build up of semen which is haram to be released deliberately via masturbation? Just like an old man may have blockage of his urine which can cause intense pain in bladder,  a young unmarried person (in rare cases) may have blockage of semen such that it doesn't come out automatically. Now he would not be allowed to bring it out himself to relieve the pain as that would be masturbation and thus haram... But that would mean the semen would get trapped inside causing constant discomfort, like the pain one feels when he has to hold his urine. In view of this, has Islam recommended any methods or ways which are halal means of getting the semen to come out when someone cannot get married or do muta, or if married, can't be with wife....and can't masturbate?  Would it be permissible for a man who cannot get married, cannot do mutah, cannot masturbate and on top of this does not get any nocturnal emissions either.... to insert a small tube into his private part which leads into the ducts through which semen comes out ... So that it can come out unintentionally via this tube? Would this be considered as masturbation too and thus haram, even though the semen would be coming out gradually over hours without giving any pleasure rather than coming out with a sudden jerk and giving haram sexual pleasure? A urinary catheter is halal treatment option for urinary blockage....can a seminal catheter also be a halal option when a person has no access to halal sexual outlets and also doesn't get any nocturnal emissions? 
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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