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    • That's why I added in a later post that men are welcome to discuss the concept of hijab. What I mean is that men should not critique random hijabis on the street. (Or any woman, for that matter! Have some decency and lower your gaze!)
    • I don't know about the US but It’s definitely not practical in a place like Australia.  Especially not in university classes or more importantly Labs and blood work. They don’t even allow long skirts.
    • The OP didn't say this is a Sisters only thread. If she is discussing in a forum knowing very well that brothers are allowed to read post then I don't see what's the problem. I agree with what @AStruggler said. Chador is what works best for Hijab, however it might not be practical for west.
    • This post was posted and is being discussed in a public co-ed forum in front of the faces of non nahram, literally. I ended up reading the post as a natural internet browser and shiachat forum user. There were no warnings that it was a women only discussion and it wasn't put in the female only forum. After reading the post, I felt like I could and wanted to comment on this and so did. I commented in a very general and impersonal way.  Perhaps this should be moved into the female only forum or something if there is, or if my contribution to this thread is truly problematic then please have it deleted. I would respect the decision if that's what needs to happen. 
    • Aleikum Salam Haj Kamyar! No it doesn't.   Things which invalidate wuzu are just the ones written in the risala's. Laughing isn't included.
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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