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    • No, majority of maraji’ rule it makrooh, and some even haram, praying behind the Sunni prayer leader, not to mention the bidah of tarawih. For example, Ayatollah Sistani (may Allah prolong his life), ruled praying behind Sunni and with them only as a matter of an utmost necessity, such as where otherwise one would of been in grave danger to himself or the Shia community if praying in non-Sunni ways.
    • In the book of Al-Sunnāh, by Al-Mārwāzī, page 94, tradition 83: That Nāfʿī heard Iʿbn Omār saying: “Every bid'ah is going astray/dhālala (deviation/misguidance), even if people found it good.” Status of the tradition: authentic. In Hīlyāt Al-Awlīyʿā, volume 3, page 189: The Prophet said: “Every innovation is a bid'ah, and every bid'ah is going astray/dhalala (deviation/misguidance), and every going astray is in the hellfire.” So basically, Iʿbn Omār is saying that everyone, including Omar (his father) and the people that pray taraweeh are innovators (mubtādʿīeen, and are donkeys). And the Holy Prophet is saying that every innovator is in hell. So, our Holy Prophet is saying that Omar, and the people that pray taraweeh are in hellfire. So again, you have three choices: You will go with Iʿbn Omār (and the Holy Prophet) and regard Omar, and the people that pray taraweeh as innovators and people of hellfire. You will do taraweeh, knowing that Iʿbn Omār said that you are of the people of hellfire, innovator and a donkey. You will go with Omar, and the people that pray taraweeh, and disregard what the Holy Prophet and Iʿbn Omār said. Iʿbn Omār reminds me of when Walter told Larry: “You’re killing your father, Larry!”    
    • That’s a Sunni belief, Shias are allowed to pluck our eyebrows and men are allowed to trim their facial hair short, but never to be shaved. The length of male’s facial hair in (Shia) Islam shouldn’t exceed the width of one’s fist, that’s why majority of Shia laymen do not have Sunni style beards. The higher ranking ulama is an exception to that. 
    • If an infallible Imam would of introduce a religious custom and new theological belief unknown at the time of, and even in opposition to the Prophetic teachings, you people would of yell yearly; “Rafida Ramadan’s bidah!”, but when a fallible person that you revere did so, it became a normative, widely accepted religious custom among you lot. It is called hypocrisy. The burden of proof is upon you to prove that the tarawih bidah is not a bidah, and not upon me to prove that it is, when Umar himself called it as such. Seems like some of the sahaba grew in rank with the Prophets for you people, their words became religion. 
    • That’s because they come from Iraq or Iran, doesn’t make them automatically Shia Muslims or religious ones. There’s plenty of Sunnis and Christians from Iraq living in the West as well. You can’t tell them apart except in obvious situations. Those guys clearly abuse(d) religion for their haram acts and they will have to answer for that. 
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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