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    • Can’t speak for those that do this. If attention deviates away from acute concerns of human life to other peripheral social movements, than that’s a mark of at least partial co-optation. But some people here are not framing it this way, and are implying a preconceived radical leftist plot from inception, and downplaying rational, legitimate grievances by regular, non-hyper ideological people. 
    • Have you seen the statistics in America of crime committed by blacks against whites? It includes some really serious crimes such murder and rape, violent assault etc, name calling is the least of it. If the statistics were the other way around and whites commited crimes against blacks on that scale we would never hear the end of it, but the press hide this fact. It isn't only whites that are disproportionately targeted by African-Americans because of their ethnicity, Asian-Americans are also disproportionately targeted because of their ethnic background.
    • My favorite part of the quote.
    • If people make it clear that they support the slogan and distance themselves from the group, then I have no issue at all with that (even though that particular slogan was coined to blur the line between the two) - I would like nothing more. However based on the numerous conversations that I've had about this issue most people are unwilling to do that, even when you physically show them what this group promotes. That is my (main) issue with this.  There are of course other issues of a clash of ideology between what constitutes racism and other forms of oppression from an Islamic point of view and a modern revisionist point of view, but ultimately that isn't that important because I don't believe that most people here actually support oppressing 'white' people because of their ethnic background and many of them would condemn acts of violence or abuse aimed at them just because of their skin colour. So even though they, for whatever reason, don't want to label those things as racist, they probably don't support them.     
    • "Don't quote your self" -Hussein Abbas, July 8, 2020, 10:26 PM, Canada east coast, Shiachat
    • So this is the worst thing a white person can experience, called a bunch of names? A much better deal than what other races go through. Perhaps this could be interpreted as an involuntary social tax for an overall more prosperous demographic. But for most people outside of academics, Fox News, and Twitter, these terms are not in daily use or consciousness, not on an individual level at least. 
    • BLM the slogan is not necessarily the equivalent of BLM the (dis)organized “movement”. As I’ve read elsewhere here, not everyone who uses the slogan agrees with the broader visions of some relatively small groups who unilaterally claim the namesake, and these groups don’t represent everyone who uses the slogan. The slogan can be used by anyone with any variance of views. I don’t understand just because some groups have added and proposed some questionable solutions or social appendages, this invalidates the entire notion of acknowledging racism in society and its statistical effects. Why the insistence on this conflation? There could easily be Islamic groups that predominantly oppose anti-black racism while backing all Islamic solutions and values, so let’s see them. But as we know throughout Muslim history, blacks have been given the short end, and Arabs/South Asians, even today, have little interest in leading the voice in anti-black racism and will get angry if you mention the Imams have African lineage. Then these same Muslims complain when non-Muslim lefties take the banner and fill the void instead, adding in their flaws and all. 
    • Where on Iranian media are they talking about dissolving nuclear families for example? What are you talking about? All I see is mentions of racism and police brutality. I didn’t know acknowledgment of this was de facto left wing identity politics. I didn’t know anti-racism and acknowledging police brutality (from a miliarized police that used similar tactics during Middle East wars) was exclusively a left wing belief. Everyone else, including Muslims following Islam, can acknowledge this. Are you denying these things? Or is “hatred for the libs” more important than the issues at hand and the value of human life?
    • The manner and timing of his horrific death had nothing to do with him being a “criminal and drug user”. He was a victim of a brutal policing system that targets disproportionately black people, and he just happened to be the victim of the moment and symbol of the time, but it could have been anybody. It was never uniquely about him specifically, and whatever he did in his past is completely irrelevant. He did not deserve to die that day. That’s the point.   
    • It lets white racists off the hook specifically, because it diffuses the potentiality of racism towards all groups, which leads to an illogical jump of equality of impact. That’s the practical goal of this rhetoric, maybe not for you, but others. It conveniently allows the downplaying of one side and overestimating another side to tip the scales of an artificially equivalent culpability. It’s not a coincidence that “black people can be racist too” and “black on black crime” are common talking points used by white racists. It’s a deflection.
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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