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    • I like your style. The crux of every page is it's written with a goal to convince you their opinion is right, not always the same as truth. If this falls in the category of "writes with their hands and says it's from Allah" the penalty is grave and I don't want to promote it. I do want to know what's truth and what's story, but am limited to English, some old Quebec French, and how to get directions to a bathroom in Spanish. (Doesn't mean I understand the directions.)  The Bible has gone through the agony of critical thinking for centuries, to the point nobody knows what they should believe or not. The movement is not actually Christian against Muslim, nor vice versa, we're all fighting secular atheism. In the mean time, we're all still divided. If you don't know the argument you have no defense.  @baqar Thank you for taking this serious.   
    • And Moses said, "My Lord is more knowing [than we or you] of who has come with guidance from Him and to whom will be succession in the home. Indeed, wrongdoers do not succeed." Qur'an 28:37
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      I’m not sure about this however. Killing believers is sure way to the hell fire which means they were unbelievers. Munafiqoon disguised as believers. I have a special article planned around this topic Insha’Allah that will give confident perspective. 
    • Is this not the very reason why Sunnis struggle to trust Twelver Shia with intellectual discussions? It is like a massive elephant in the room which is also stuck between a rock and a hard place. 1. If it is publically conceded that the official Twelver position is that various Sahabah died upon Kufr, Nifaq, Nasb, or otherwise Dhulm, then Sunnis would increasingly feel justified in their opposition to Twelvers. Or 2. Twelvers continue to stay silent on the topic and just encourage research to know what the position and belief is regarding various Sahabah, but this implies very strongly you guys are trying to hide Twelver beliefs so lay Sunnis do not feel averse to them ('reconciliatory Taqiyyah'?). I guess you guys just see more harm in 1 because then all Sunnis would hate Twelvers whereas 2 is a way of using ambiguity to slide under the radar and still reach the lay people. But rather than showing the academic integrity and strength of Twelver beliefs though, this just implies that the only way to call people to Tashayyu is through deceipt. I know that in a general manner all Muslims do this to some degree when talking non-Muslims e.g. about the Hudood, because they need to unpackage their questions and get to the crux of problem with their understanding (which is the fact they don't believe in La Illaha IlAllah), but at the end of the day, a Sunni would not ouright deny the existence of the Hudood or hide it - they would mention it and justify it and agree to disagree if they have to, even if the Kafir he is talking to hates Muslims because of the reality of Hudood. On the other hand, many Twelvers will use all the linguistic ambiguity at his desposal to deny the reality of La'nah upon the Dushman of the Ahlul Bait and those who make up that group. 
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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