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    • Indeed, it's not 100 percent accurate, but there are tracking sites for instance, that can distinguish between static access and active browsing etc. I'm sure you guys keep an eye on traffic anyways. I reckon such statistics would be interesting. 
    • Thank you for sharing this. It's a breath of Fresh Air in a community that has been in denial. Finally, a brave stand, by a respectable individual who handled the issue with balance and did not attempt to deflect from a serious issue that exists.  May Allah bestow his mercy upon Sheikh Hilli's parents, and inshallah he'll be rewarded for such an important article. 
    • The Chinese armed forces are cracking down and detaining suspects, setting things right for their country's stability while your brain wash and junk food is showing, it is making you think there are massacres going on. Seek help my friend. Its grey but from a certain side certainly its all black. Plenty of American and British propaganda outlets well known for spewing out poison since decades. Same outlets that wrote again and again about WMDs in Iraq and whatever is dictated to them. You can follow them according to your obligations while the free world can listen to all sides of the story which in this case of Uighurs is spanning long enough and clear enough for even a school boy to understand better than you have. Now that I have shared the history and pointed out that its a military crackdown for the rogue elements on foreign payroll inside China, a few arrogant people are still blinded by their pride, failing to correct their facts. Attacking me won't change the reality, it'll only expose your ignorance.
    • Lol, do you know how many people Mao killed? Look up the Tiananmen square massacre. Please do some basic research before you go spouting things you don't really seem to understand. Do you think the world is black and white and just because someone operates in a certain hypocritical way and demonizes a certain country, then it must follow that the country they demonize must not be bad? You're going to need to explain how you reached that conclusion because your argument is jumping too many steps. There's plenty of information sources that cover all of these areas of the world, just because you don't hear about it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.  
    • .   What the West does not want to admit is that different societies have different standards of what constitutes decent dress, men and women. The West complanis about hijab, but why not head-covered sari?
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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