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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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    • I, for one, would rather get killed by Muslim bullet than a Hindu stick.
    • You're welcome, brother. Also I don't really understand why everyone is after this brother for his beliefs. So what if he believes that the Earth is Flat, round or a square? As long as he isn't forcing his beliefs onto people or throwing Flat Earth Neighborhood Block parties on the forum, does it really matter or is it anyone else's business? Shi'aism is freedom of thought to question and understand. We criticize Sunnis and say they are oppressing us when they come and make fun of our belief system. Yet in principle we're following their same approach in ridiculing someone in public like this. This doesn't seem like the Sunnah we know and love but seems like the Sunnah of Abu Jahl(LA) and party where they would follow people with Muslims in particular and just mock them for whatever they were doing. If he believes in something you find wild, you can't discredit everything he says otherwise you're no better than the aforementioned parties above. The second thing I'll say is Just love one another. Be kind with one another. There are only 200 million Shi'as on this planet with our population dwindling downwards everyday due to oppression. Who knows tommorow who will be the target of whom. It could be a brother or sister on this forum God forbid. How would you feel when you learn about what happened to them and then go back and read these posts where you said hateful things to them. If you can't do it out of human decency or love for the Shi'a. Then do it for yourself. According to Hadith, two things will be very helpful on the day of judgement. One of them is good Akhlaq where you treat everyone with mercy and compassion including those who will never do the same to you. The second is spreading joy in the life of other people.  "The one who disgraces a Muslim, I will disgrace him 70 times. - The one who loves a Mo'min (believer) because of Me, Angels will greet him in both the worlds. In this world, secretly. And in the Hereafter, openly. " - Hadith Qudsi, Chapter 12. "And if it is true that all creatures are mine, why are you cruel towards them?" - Hadith Qudsi, Chapter 24. "O, Son of Adam! if you don't care for your neighbors as you care for your children, I will not see you, I will not accept your (good) deeds, and I will not accept your supplications." Hadith Qudsi, Chapter 35. Wasalam.
    • I have heared his many lecures..He praises and promotes the Ibne Arabis view on Adam and other Prophets. But yes at few points he disagrees and even says its possible that some of lines of book might be inserted others and is not of Ibne Arabi
    • @hasanhhthe one I posted sounded like those “bros” who live for American foot ball. The ones that have all the gear on and paint their face to match the team colors. Then when a team scores they start belting out victory songs that are off key  lol. Alhamduillah our scholars recite in a way that make you reflect on the words of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and make you humble and mindful of even the smallest sins.
    • He is almost as bad as two muezzin a decade ago. We were searching for an Adhan we liked and one muezzin sounded like he was in a yodeling contest and the other as if he was trying to imitate Johnny Weissmuller  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwHWbsvgQUE    
    • Thank you dear brother for your noble words, im honoured. 
    • Trump: 1.  We are leaving Syria, in reality we are moving the troops to steal Syrian oil. 2.  We are leaving JCPOA, in reality we want to exert disabling sanctions to Iranian economics and punish Iranians. 3.  We are leaving Iraq, in reality Trump has something to do to punish Iranian Military Might soon. Trump and Zionist state are thinking that by taming Iranian Military Might, the ME will be under the US control.  More money from the Arab Stooges to US economy (to support the rich and US businesses).
    • Ah. You have a point. We shouldn't be calling it immodesty. Like those tribal people you referenced, those people who wear bikinis... we should call it savagery.
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