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    • Please remember each other in your duas tonight!
    • Seems to me that this thread has a lot of personal opinion, selective quoting of Qur'an verses and some level of Muslim Apologeticsm going on here. I'm not advocating that non-Muslims won't or shouldn't make it to Heaven. Allah, in his infinite Mercy and Wisdom, is the only who will make that decision. I'm also not advocating that just being Muslim guarantees you entry automatically either. We're all going to be judged accordingly by his divine judgment. I would like to believe that being a Muslim increases your chances based on the precepts of our religion (every religion in the World say that its followers are better off in the afterlife, while other religion's followers aren't, so its not something exclusive to Islam). However, we can't start picking and choosing which Quranic verses suit our opinion, while ignoring or knowing the ones that go contrary to them. Many people are quoting verses here without knowing of, or mentioning, the complete set of verses which touch upon the topic of the afterlife for people that do not follow Islam (that was my original reason for starting this thread, I already know upon which basis Muslims will be judged, I wanted to know what the basis for Non-Muslims was). Perhaps we should all set some time aside to first build a list of everywhere in the Qur'an that this topic is brought up? To find out every instance of this topic being discussed in our holiest text. After we have a proper list compiled, we can start researching the tafsir's of Islamic scholars (it is Ramadan after all, what better time to research Quranic data?). Until we take those steps this discussion will only be driven by personal opinions and not grounded in fact. This is thread is just going back and forth with personal opinions in my opinion at this point. 
    • Best explanation I have seen  
    • They argue that God is so great He can do as He wants, even come down to Earth as a human. We say, God is so great He does not need to appeal to simple minds by coming down to Earth as a human. He has nothing to prove, and the Qur'an tells us many times that even if He came down or showed some sign, people would still disbelieve. He doesn't need to prove anything, such is His greatness.
    • I didn't read the full thing because to use the comparison of God to a man that can be a father, son and husband just shows the limited understanding of God. When a person compares God to man they have opened up their shortness of intelligence for all to see. Also agree with all of the above.
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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