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    • I personally think she's still young and probably just left high school, and dislikes working and studying. Once she grows up and matures, she'll realise that what she's describing is laziness. 
    • 1) there is a natural order to things, but no one is bound to them. For example, the "natural order" to things would be that a woman is capable is getting pregnant and carrying that child safely etc. But, not all women are blessed with that gift. Not all women are capable of getting pregnant and caring for their children. So, while there is a natural order to things, no one is bound to it and it's not haram to be "unnatural". Women are naturally more nurturing than men and so they're the ones who get pregnant and breastfeed etc etc. That doesnt mean not doing those things is haram, it's just different, and we should reserve our judgements.  2) yes, of course. But what you're referring to arent commandments. Allah never commanded women to stay at home and care for children (although it is a wise choice). 3) theres wisdom behind everything that God has commanded us. 4) yes. But again,  that system is not compulsory. I understand where you're coming from, but just because you might see something as unconventional or immoral or wrong by your standards, it doesnt mean that its haram. 
    • @Maryam.It I've asked twice before, but it seems that you're unwilling to answer your own question.  Is it only a person who disagrees with you who needs qualification to speak? This is why I assume you suffer from narcissism.   
    • Assalamu alaykum.To who are you referring?I only thinking to what is best,not basinf on my own thinking,but based to the fact that Allah mare things perfect and to work perfectly if done like works better. And when we say "Allah knows best", I want to say,Allah,who created us(and everything and every being) and know what we truly need,knows best! So,we have The Holy Qur'an and Ahkul Bayt,Alhamdulillah! Allah knows best,and yes,He truly knows best!Alhamdulillah Rabbi Alameen!
    • I strongly suspect that the reason these proceeding are taking off at this late stage is because Trump pulled back from attacking Iran.
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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