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    • No, we don’t agree that Satan is an angel, Angels are incapable of rebelling against God. Satan is a jinn, which is another species that has free will like that of man in believing in something other than Allah. The roots of all pagan religions including trinity religions, stem from the trinity of Nimrod. The Egyptians, Greeks, Hindus, and the Roman’s as well as others also used the trinity. Your religion which is pagan Christianity shares its roots with all other pagan religions. Abrahamic religions are monotheistic. Your religion which is trinity based, is from Abraham’s enemy, Nimrod who opposed God after the flood of Nuh. Nimrod was an avowed enemy of God.  Yes, You are correct. So if Abrahamic religions are monotheistic with out trinity, this means that your version of Christianity is a twisted version of what true Christianity truly represents because true Christianity is also an Abrahamic religion and all Abrahamic religions are monotheistic. Meaning there is only a one God presence in which there is no image, people, or other deities involved.    Alhamdulilah, we are not pawns. Allah created humans for a purpose to worship him and be a vicegerent on Earth. This means that Adam was going to come to Earth anyway regardless of what happened in the garden of bliss. God is not in a battle with Satan. He doesn’t have any power to even battle God. He was granted by God the ability to be close to humans and to be on Earth until the end of the Earth. He will be immediately thrown into hell fire after his time expires. Those who follow him such as the disbelievers in God oneness will also be in hell fire for eternity.   Allah is the creator and the only creator. When Allah creates, he needs no assistance. When Allah creates he needs no approval. Allah is without image and doesn’t not have any image that humans could possibly comprehend or forge in their minds. God was never a man entrapped in a body to be an image. Having such a belief that God was entrapped inside a man goes against true monotheistic abrahamic belief  of one God and is thus deemed pagan like all other pagan religions started during Nimrods time. It is a deception by Satan and his evil jinn and men accomplices.    So now I hope you understand the difference between monotheistic Christianity and pagan Christianity. Monotheistic Christians share their roots with Muslim and Islam. Polytheistic or pagan Christians share their roots from Ancient Babylonian pagan human and idol worship. It’s falsehood.  Your type of Christianity which promotes enjoining Jesus as part of being God in a trinity system has been masterfully infused Under the notion of being one of the three Abrahamic religions. This is far from the truth! Satan, like you said has taken the truth and distorted it and his followers have spread it. True Monotheistic Christians only believe Jesus to be a major Prophet like all the other Prophets such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, David, Solomon, Moses, and Muhammad. All of those Prophets represented one God. No where in the Bible do these other Prophets testify to worshipping Jesus or a trinity involving Jesus.  So you see Marty, at the moment your verbal and written beliefs don’t match us. Muslims, monotheistic Christians and monotheistic Hebrews share the same true belief of the oneness of God. We don’t identify with anything you say in relation to who God is because we believe it to be pagan corrupted.  If you come here and deliver to us Bible passages from which ever many editions of the Bible’s that exist and have been distorted over time it will not change any of our faith. We follow the Qur'an which has never been distorted and upholds the monotheistic belief in one God that all the other holy books intended to do. The injeel or original book and teachings of Jesus doesn’t teach paganism or trinity and self worship of Jesus. This is falsehood.  The Torah doesn’t teach the worship of Jesus and pagan trinity of human or idol worship as well.   
    • Half of the battle is to get rid of comment sections, which, in all fairness have no purpose anyway.
    • Hayat al qulub is a good option. I would recommend the Torah and some of tbe New Testament too, it may help understand the differences between Islam as it is today and how it was prescribed for bani Israel... and also identify some Quranic references.  
    • Salaam,  I went through a phase similar to this and I think we all have to some extent. It's just a lot of people don't admit it. Firstly:  Some people go their entire lives just to experience a tiny moment in which they can actually FEEL the presence of God, people with a very high status have been there. I wouldn't stress out too much if you do not feel the presence of God, just know o that he is always there.  Which brings me onto the second point: This is obviously a test, trust me brother/sister God is simply testing your faith, we've all been there including myself eventually all these doubts will go away. You must have hope. I advise that you surround yourself with your family members who can help you through this time so you can carry on fasting, praying and reading the Qur'an keeping you on the right path and Inshallah you will see the light once again. 
    • All the Americans need to win is enough Iranians (beyond those who have Ahura Mazda tattoed on their shouldes) asking "Why are we in Leb/Iraq, why are we helping Arabs etc'? You likely know the Persoid mantras. I think the Saudi angle is very much for the optics in the Sunni world. I didn't feel the need to repost the material here, but MbS is very much an Israeli creation. At the time of the Khashoggi incident, based on press reports, I did point out that if MbS stayed in power he'd be owned by the Israelis. Various scientific behaviour change models would disagree. Someone may have the niyat to lead a religious life, if the State can empower them to do so by enacting laws that make sin harder and virtue easier, it makes the fulfilment of that niyat more likely.  
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