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    • This is so funny. N_____b calling each other Khawarij and fighting over it. Like, isn't that just another little medal on your chests?
    • What do you use instead of Roundup?
    • Salam  Thank you AbdulKarim313_Austin/Nola. For your kind words and acknowledging the situation I was in.  Every Shia understands Taraweeh is an innovation and no Shia would attend it under normal circumstances. My situation was however quite unusual in that I was a guest at someone's house and was asked by a group of Sunni men to join them for taraweeh, before the dinner. Because they had suddenly made this plan and were leaving immediately, they gave me little time to think or to come up with my own excuse to avoid it. Nevertheless, they asked me repeatedly and I kept on refusing again and again. I even said to the host that I will go back home (this meant refusing to have dinner with them). At this the host looked very sad when he realised that I wanted to leave without having food with them. He said to me " please don't do this. " At that point, in just those few seconds I had to make a decision... 1. I thought whether I knew of any fatwa which categorically makes joining taraweeh haram (even with fourada niyyah). I didn't remember any fatwa like that in the few seconds that I had.  2. I had to decide very quickly whether it would be Islamically appropriate to decline having food with your host after attending his house.  3. I recalled that Syed Sistani recommends Joinning Sunnis in jammat for unity.  With these three thoughts in my mind, and with the Sunni men getting in their cars, and the host waiting for me to get in his car aswell, I made the decision to go with them.  At the taraweeh, I made my personal intention and read my own prayer. As soon as I got the opportunity, I left the mosque and went outside. Later when the host finished as well, we went back to his place for dinner.  While I pretended to join them in taraweeh, I sent curses to the one who began this biddah in the first place. I regretted standing with them and I had an inner feeling that I had most certainly done a wrong action - that this is like supporting biddah. I felt extremely unhappy with my decision to attend the taraweeh and wished I had categorically down right refused the host by saying that Shias do not read taraweeh. But did I have time to explain this at that moment when he was stood waiting for me to get into car...? I don't know.    Later, I asked a few scholars who all said that taraweeh cannot be attended under any circumstances at all - unless one has to practice taqqiyah. This made me even more regretful and I feel disgusted of my action. However the scholars did not quote any exact fatwa making taraweeh categorically haram to attend for Shias. I then sent the same question to Najaf.org and Sistani.org. They normally reply quickly when the question is simple - but it's been several days and I haven't received any reply from either office. Could it mean that although it is easy to understand that taraweeh should be avoided so as not to support this biddah, the actual fatwa making it haram may not be that simple?. I will continue to await their reply and seek forgiveness from Allah. 
    • Seriously? The poor little boy had no idea about Islamic law? He took her and locked her in a room. He told her this was their "sweet little secret" and he warned her not to tell anyone. A normal human being doesnt need to have knowledge on Islamic law or any law for that matter to know that raping your own sister is wrong on every level fathomable. This is the ideology and approach that makes victims such as the OP hide away and live with such a secret that destroys their life forever.  @Guest101 I can’t imagine how broken you must feel. I'm so sorry for everything you've gone through. May Allah give you strength to ease this pain. I'm sorry, but your brother is a psychopath. No normal 13 year old boy would take is little sister and do such things to her. No matter what anyone ever says to you, it is not your fault and you are not dirty or impure or any less valuable in any shape or form because of some demented person's violation of your body.  You need to make sure you spend as little time with your brother as possible. If he still lives at home, make sure you lock your bedroom door when your asleep and maybe even keep some sort of object nearby to defend yourself. You should consider talking to a therapist to help you deal with this trauma. It will be hard to deal with, but not impossible. 
    • Only two ways of pronouncing it 1. with a break........Muhammad wa Ali Muhammad 2. without a break.......Muhammadin wa Ali Muhammad   see there is no joining sign called a shaddah above the waw to make it sound Muhammadiw
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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