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    • I actually got invited by an acquaintance to attend a NOI mosque, but I didn't go based on what I know of their beliefs. I look totally white and talk like an educated hillbilly. Probably some groups are more open than others.
    • ive read the Qur'an since childhood, unfortunately it makes less sense now then before... I get easily bored by repetitious verses about heaven, hell, internal historical and personal problems the Prophet had... really disklike any verse about punishment, things I have no clue are real or not... all the descriptions  of hell and heaven... what do I do with it? imagine and feel happy or scared? all these stories about towns being destroyed... just not interesting after the 100th read... it doesnt really expain the purpose of life... in general I feel like my imagination is at work and I don’t want to worship my imagination
    • - Ginger and honey in warm water. Even better if you can crush some ginger, mix it with honey and swallow it. - A quarter tsp of turmeric taken with a glass of warm milk is a VERY good antiseptic. -do saline gargles - eat ice cream and popsicles   
    • the wisdom we use to justify suffering, e.g. creates patience, trials, we lack knowledge so don’t see the benefit etc... I find it's way too much unhealthy speculation, would you agree? did you read any of the stuff about seeing a miracle I wrote about? thoughts? I feel its unfair to talk so much about miracles and the spiritual abilities of urafa without showing it... one reason people narrate these events I think is to make it credible and authentic, but arent willing to provide evidence when asked, then its all, oh he has to keep it a secret... I think our urafa are knowledgeable, and near perfect people, but highly doubt any capabilities like teleportation etc, makes me really mistrust our scholars...  
    • If there be two twins one is Kafir and another is Momin, so would you deny Momin because his appearance looks to you like Kafir ?  There can be two Hadith, one fake and other correct, it would be disaster if you try to learn Qur'an by rejecting 2nd Hadith because 1st Hadith looked to you false. 
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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