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    • @hasanhh thank you so much. We were doing this sum where 4 pears cost Rs.3 and we had to find how much can we buy for Rs.15.So I try to explaining to her  Rs. 3 = 4 pears Rs. 1= 4/3 pears and from there she was totally lost. 'What's 4/3 pear?' ,'who even buys 4/3 pears' 'what is the meaning of 4/3 pears' She got a lousy mathematics teacher this year and little missy's been acting very difficult whenever I try to teach her maths. 
    • I don't think anyone's 'hating' per se, rather the females might feel disconcerted because males tend to focus more on female issues rather than worry about our own issues.  Put this in the context of a 'patriarchal atmosphere' and you'd perfectly understand why they wouldn't feel too comfortable when every other thread is focused on their behaviour/dress etc.
    • Thanks. I understand but still disagree. 
    • Uni = 1 Do the work around whatever 1 is chosen by the problem. l looked at a video: lf 20 pens cost Rs 400, what does 1 cost?  Rs 400 divided by 20 pens =   Rs 20/pen  (please note that units carry through) Then it asked the question:  lf 20 pens cost Rs 400, what does 30 pens cost? The video showed 2 out of the 3 ways to work this. 1] Since 1 pen is Rs 20, then 30pens = 30pens x Rs 20 = Rs-pens 600 2] OR    Rs400 x 30 pens all divided by 20-pens =  Rs-pens 1200 divided by 20pens = Rs 600 2b]  Rs400 x 30pens all divided by 20 pens = cancelling zeros --> Rs400 x 3pens/2pens = Rs 600 [the way l was learned] 3] Just make the observation that for 20 pens is Rs400 and 30 pens is half-again more than 20 pens --> Rs400 + half again more = Rs 600 Now, there is a 4th way: graph it. Chose whichever X-axis and Y-axis you wish for each, then plot 1 pen intersecting Rs 20, 2 pens plotted to intersect 40 . . . ad juri . . .  then when completed, follow the Pen-axis over to 30, then go to the line and then move (left or down depending on how your axies are graphed) and find Rs 600. But this proceedured is first week algebra, l do not believe your child is there (old enough) yet. Easy, right? Footnote Question: Hey, star. Aren't you glad l am not scheduled to do your brain surgery?  
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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