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    • Walaykum as Salam,  I don’t know where exactly you live at sister, but in New York City there is plenty of shops that sell Islamic regalia. If somehow you will have a great difficultly acquiring one online (Amazon, Ebay), try inquiring in person at your nearest Husseiniyya or a mosque. If they are far, you can e-mail/call them, and I’m pretty sure they would be able to help you. 
    • My weapons - Ayatul Kursi, Hirz e Jawad, a taser.Alhumdollilah, never had any unpleasant experiences so far. 
    • If a person hasn't spent 50 years studying the religion of Islam to derive rulings, then why should they have an opinion on the matter in the first place? It's like an elementary schoolboy saying to the most experienced orthopedic surgeons in the world "I don't want the patellar tendon used as a graft for my torn ACL, I want you to use my chordae tendinae". Little does the schoolboy know the chordae tendinae are not actually tendons but are heart strings necessary to sustain life. You can't expect the surgeons to stop what they're doing and explain to such fools why the ACL repair wouldn't work, let alone why such fools would die.  
    • Guest Jessica
      As salaamu alaykum. May this reach you and yours in the best of states.  Does anyone know where I can buy an iranian prayer chador in the US or from an online shop that will ship to the US?  Something like this: https://twitter.com/iran_style/status/512872709353918464 Wa salam, -Jessica
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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