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    • Salam Alykum  1. Muhammad (others say his first name was Abdullah) Ibn Abu Bakr was the son of Abu Bakr the first caliphe. His mother Asma Bint Umays was formally married to Imam Ali's oldest brother Jafer Ibn Abu Talib, however, when he passed away in the battle of Mu'tah, Asma married Abu Bakr and conceived Muhammad Ibn Abu Bakr. When Abu Bakr passed away, Asma married Imam Ali, and in result Imam Ali adopted Muhammad Ibn Abu Bakr. He is referred to as Abu Bakr because of his kunya. Muhammad later died in Karbala , may Allah bless his soul.  Also, logically speaking, so what if he named his son Omar, Abu Bakr, Uthman, of even Aisha? Do we stop naming our child Omar because we don't agree with something these personalities did in the past? The've been many Muhammads who've done horrible things in the past ( Not prophet Muhammad ), so do we stop naming our children Muhammad because of a few bad apples? How ignorant do you have to be to make a claim that because Imam Ali named his son Omar, it somehow connects a positive association to Umar Ibn-Khatteb... I mean there were sooo many Umar's living in Imam Ali's time, and Umar Ibn-Katteb was not the first Umar in history LOL...... ugh this annoys me... And hypothetically if Imam Ali did like Umar Ibn-Khatteb, I think all of that went away real quick after the great Umar kicked down his door.....  2. Praying at the correct times in recommended, meaning pray fajr at its time, pray dhur at its time, pray asr at its time and so forth. However, in compliance with the sunnah, the Quran, and our Imams. We have the blessing of combining our prayers to make it easier on us, and because Islam is not made to be a burden on its followers. If I combine my prayers, it does NOT mean I do not pray 5 times a day, because last time I checked I complete my Dhur, and then begin a new 4 ra'kat prayer called Asr. Yes, it's recommend to pray the prayers at its prescribed times, but we can also combine them for easiness in our busy lives.  3. This is a Wahhabi view, there is nothing wrong with visiting the graves of Prophets/Imams for ziyarat... the prophet himself would visit graves, and reflect.  4. It is narrated by Imam Jafer as Sadiq in Al-Kafi " When Umar came to make the marriage proposal, the Commander of the Faithful, Ali ((عليه السلام).) told him: She is a young girl. Thereupon, Umar met Abbas and told him: What is wrong with me? Do I have any defect?‖ Abbas said: Why are you saying that? Umar said: ―I asked your nephew for his daughter‘s hand in marriage, but he has turned me down. I swear by Allah! I will fill the well of Zamzam with earth, I will destroy every honor that you have, and I will set up two witnesses to testify that he stole, that I may cut off his right hand.‘ Abbas thereupon came to Ali and informed him of what had transpired. He asked Ali to put the matter in his hands, and Ali complied"  Al-Kafi - V 5 p 346  Long story short, Umm Kulthum was the youngest daughter of Imam Ali, she was roughly 10 to 11 years old, and Imam Ali DID NOT willingly give her daughter to Uthman who at the time was around 55 to 58... Imam Ali would always tell Uthman she was too young, but Uthman wanted to marry her due to her lineage with the prophet. Uthman practically begged Imam Ali to give his daughter in marriage to him... that's pretty much a summary of it LOL.   
    • 16,294 Human Contact Tracers ln this report it is said that "many countries" and "many corporation"(Not just Google working in partnerships) are racing to develop apps to tract people and their "contacts". Mostly, these apps and 'laws' have failed. https://www.dw.com/en/the-tech-battle/av-53562462  Then questions are answered about C-19 Evidently, it maybe transmitted by sex.
    • It is not on cursing Sahaba but on understanding of Intercession. It about Khomeinis view that Shias have misunderstood intercession.
    • Salam I define Tasawwuf as something by cover of good looking of Islamic appearance that filled with hinduism & other unIslamic belief like a Trojan horse to destroy Islam from within of itslef. 
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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