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    • Sunni ahadith literature is almost entirely copied from the Jewish lore; Mahmud Abu Rayya (d. 1970), in his 1958 book titled “Lights on Muhammad’s Sunna” (ar. Adwa’ ‘al al-sunna al-muhammadiyya), argued that “many supposedly authentic Sunni Hadiths were actually Jewish lore that had been attributed to Prophet Muhammad.” Source: Jeffrey T. Kenney, Islam in the Modern World, Routledge (2013), p. 21.  The earliest Western scholar to note a relation between the Sunni ahadith and Jewish influences was the French Orientalist Barthélemy d’Herbelot (d. 1695), who “claimed that most of the six books (the most important Sunni hadith books) and many parts of the Sunni hadith literature were appropriated from the Talmud“, and later many others, like Alois Sprenger(d. 1893), Ignaz Goldziher (d. 1921), etc continued in such direction ; a more elaborated study was “Al‐Bukhārī and the Aggadah” by W.R. Taylor, who “appropriated some of these hadiths from al‐Sahih of al‐Bukhārī and some haggadic texts from the Talmud and Midrash. Taylor compared these hadiths with the texts, and concluded that these Sunni hadiths were appropriated from the Talmud and Midrash. Afterwards, he also said that there were many narratives in the Sunni hadith literature in general, especially in al‐Bukhārī, that were taken from haggadic literature. He then studied the ways of and how these Jewish narrations were transmitted to Sunni hadith literature. He concluded that a large amount of the oral information, narrations, stories, and folkloric information entered in Sunni Islamic literature in general, and hadith literature, in particular, during the transcription of the Talmud and Mishnah and after the formation of hadiths via the Jews living in the Arabian Peninsula, as well as the church fathers and Christian community.” Source: Özcan Hıdır, “Discussions on the Influence of the Judeo‐Christian Culture on Hadiths” in The Journal of Rotterdam Islamic and Social Sciences, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2010, pp. 2-5 With the help of Jewish Torah, people such as Ka’ab “al-Ahbar” issued fatwas on behalf of Mu’awiya, Umar and Uthman.   Al-‘Allama al-‘Askari (رحمه الله) pointed out that stories of the Jews, praises of the People of the Book, and praises of Jerusalem found their way into Islamic sources through Ka’b al-Ahbar. (See; ʿAskarī, Naqsh-I aʾimma dar iḥyāʾ-I dīn, vol. 1, p. 494.).  
    • This is a very sad situation. The man is a clown and he is quite conscious about his provocations. He does it only to piss off people. He knows that a lot of young people with low self discipline act violently. The consequence is that Muslims come across as trouble makers in the media while his blasphemy is called freedom of speech. Unfortunately the situation in Denmark is quite toxic right now. There is an increasing number of people who wants to kick all Muslims out of the country. I sometimes I feel that converting to Islam in this day and age is just as bad timing as converting to Judaism in Germany in 1933. I think the Islamophobia in the west has been consciously cultivated. It did not exist 30 years ago. The attacks in 9/11 2001 plays a big part and so does Wahabi/Salafism because that has become synonymous with Islam in the western media. Of cause I can't prove it, but to me it looks like someone is trying to make a divide and rule policy where they can make people afraid of someone else beside the greedy, corrupt and vain politicians.
    • @Ashvazdanghe what about the narration by Imam Ali (عليه السلام) in this link https://www.al-Islam.org/kamaaluddin-wa-tamaamun-nima-vol-2-shaykh-saduq/chapter-47-narration-regarding-dajjal-anti-christ
    • So is the Dajjal confirmed as authentic in Shia hadith? Is greater emphasis on Sufiyani than Dajjal the individual? I understand Dajjal is both a system and a physical individual who is one eyed. (It makes sense as Jews are still waiting for the Messiah, having rejected Eesa (عليه السلام), so will be among the first to follow the Dajjal). Is Dajjal not going to be the biggest fitnah/test? Does Dajjal count as a "major sign" in Shia sources?
    • Welcome to this site, my friend. I have read the three synoptic gospels and the Acts several times because in my Catholic school, they were part of my school curriculum. On my own, later in life, I have read all five books of the Pentateuch and a few others after those five books. I had planned to finish the whole Bible but I was caught up with other things and left it at that. In India, where I originally come from, though I don't live there any more, there is no dearth of Bibles. We also have a significant Christian population there.    
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    • Laayla  »  Ashvazdanghe

      Assalam alikum brother,
      do you know where the thread for Shias being killed is?  They used to have it pinned on the top of the poltics thread but with the fluid system, I can't find anything.  Today there was many Shias who were hanged or beheaded in Saudia and I want to post about it.  Unfortunately this won't be reported or heard by many Shias and I want to recognize the crimes that Ahul Saood committed.
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    • Laayla  »  313 Seeker

      Assalam Alikum brother.  I thought I would be looking at grapes in your page, and then I see a upside down praying mantis, haha so nice.  I hope you are well and in good health.  God bless you.
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    • MartyS

      Today, we Christians celebrate our Risen Lord Jesus. We thank Our Father God for giving His Son to die for our sins and raise to life again!
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    • Laayla  »  Carlzone

      Assalam Alikum dear sister,  what happened to you?  Are you okay?
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    • Urwatul Wuthqa

      The nobleness of Hazrat Abalfazl al-Abbas is due to his endeavor, sacrifice, sincerity and his awareness of the Imam (عليه السلام) of his time. It is due to his patience and resistance. It is because he abstained from drinking water [he was extremely thirsty] when water was right in front of him; and during this time there was no religious or customary law that would've prevented him from quenching his thirst. The value of those martyred at Karbala is that they defended the sanctum of Truth in the most difficult conditions one can ever imagine.
      Ayatullah Khamenei, July 27, 2005
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