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    • Not too surprised by their experiences, although the various clips by some Nasibi is really disgusting. How can someone be so focussed on hating and backbiting other pilgrims. Just shows how toxic wahabism is to the mind and soul.
    • It could be anyone!  including you and I.  Only God knows!  Or, God will reveal this to us on the Day of Judgement.   We can hope and pray that God counts us amongst those of iman and not those amongst the hypocrites or the faithless... inshallah.  
    • Undoubtedly Turkey is the Sunni equivalent of Iran with their Neo-Ottomanism which should also be rejected and is no surprise the two are beginning to become closer and closer?
    • I definitely agree with you, that the aforesaid country and it’s 'sprigs' and propagandists are taking advantage of my country and the Middle East. And that evinces that I’m not in a personal 'war' with you, neither am I jealous of whom you follow. At the end, we’re followers of the holy family. And we won’t be asked about this or that. What’s important is to love him, and him alone. However, I’d beg to differ & ‘difference in opinion, doesn’t deprave of friendliness,’ as they say. Politics is structured on interests; that’s why you’d see the aforementioned country and it’s branches, wishing to have a friendly alliance with Turkey or the 'Muslim Brotherhood,' because they’ve got the same colonial, exponential and conquering mindset. Turkey wishes to bring back their Ottoman Empire, and the 'Muslim Brotherhood' dreams of a caliphate. The aforementioned country also wishes to expand the operation, and rule more countries from afar, by the remote-control - of fear from foreign powers, obviously.   Your friend, also has the same political sly and guileful mindset. He tried fighting the invasion (and failed at the end...) - and got his funding from Iran. After failing in doing so, he went to Saudi Arabia and made an alliance with them. Such people, are called in Arabic: Meaning, sly/cunning spiny-tailed lizard. They’ll try to deceive and trick for their interests, even if that meant going to the eternal hellfire.   As for pushing off terrorism: that, I’ll give for the soldiers that gave their lives. He wasn’t on the front. All militia 'leaders' in Iraq live in their palaces, and only come out when a province is liberated, to go take selfies and pose with dead fighters - they go in military uniform, that has clay and soil on it, to make it seem as if they did anything. Also, his so called, 'Peace Companies' participated in Syria. And he met the Syrian president many times. Not once, not twice... but thrice!   The best I see, is to leave them all alone & follow the Holy Family of our Prophet.
    • Hafiz was not a Sufi. He criticized Sufis in his poems.
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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