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    • I checked the chatroom, and There are some issues. It doesn't work. AM I the only one experiencing this?
    • I went through the same struggle but ten years ago I detached myself from media, politics and popular culture. It's sad when we come away from it we see the effects it had left on us, it is definitely brain washing. The mind is a amazing machine and has the ability to absorb over two million pieces of information from the environment through our senses every two seconds, this stuff sits in people's subconscious minds and influences their thinking and behaviour. I see negative long-term effects in people's behaviour because of the media. It is effecting Muslims too. It makes me wonder how Muslims will also become in the future. The media is imprisoning us and then murdering us slowly if we don't accept being brain washed. A psychological theory claims if we suppress, ignore or misidentify our emotions it can damage our minds, we can even lose some memory, being oblivious to mainstream culture can have these effects on us and I think it has happened to me. I have been going through this struggle but we all have the power to control this process psychologically. I would like to suggest this useful handout to everybody about how to manage this process psychologically through emotions. This is our weapon. We can overcome the media by not allowing it to influence us. I particularly suggest reading from pages 6-10 (especially page 10 which talks about detachment or dissociation. In my case I often talk about on Shiachat about my withdrawal from society because of the media and its effects on me, this explains it well): https://www.moodcafe.co.United Kingdom/media/15343/ER_handout_Final_16_June_2016 pdf.pdf        
    • On maiden visit to Iran, Imran Khan pays respect to Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad   21 Apr 2019 https://thekashmirwalla.com/2019/04/on-maiden-visit-to-Iran-imran-khan-pays-respect-to-Imam-reza-shrine-in-mashhad/   https://eurasiantimes.com/imran-khan-pays-tribute-at-shrine-of-Imam-reza-at-mashhad-then-lands-in-Tehran/ Imran Khan At Roze Imam Reza (عليه السلام) Mashad Iran   Prime Minister Of Pakistan Imran Khan Visited The Shrine of Imam Reza(عليه السلام) and Offered Dua and Nwafil   Imam Khamenei: Terrorist movements on Iran-Pakistan border seek to hurt two countries’ strong ties http://en.abna24.com/news//terrorist-movements-on-Iran-Pakistan-border-seek-to-hurt-two-countries’-strong-ties_937951.html April 22, 2019 - 8:27 PM News Code : 937951 Source : Khamenei.irLink:    Imam Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, met with visiting Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mr.... Imran Khan, and his entourage on Monday April 22, 2019.  Ahlul Bayt News Agency (ABNA): Imam Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, met with visiting Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mr.... Imran Khan, and his entourage on Monday April 22, 2019.  In this meeting, Ayatollah Khamenei regarded the relation between the nations of Iran and Pakistan as deep and heartfelt and stressed that: The relations between the two countries should increasingly develop and strengthen, despite hostilities by enemies.  Referring to the historical roots of the ties between the two nations, the Supreme Leader asserted: The dignity and majesty of the Indian peninsula were highest during the time Muslims ruled over it, and the biggest blow that the British stroke in this important area was abolishing the prominent Islamic civilization.  Imam Khamenei praised great Pakistani figures like Muhammad Iqbal Lahori and Muhammad Ali Jinnah and urged the two nations to boost friendly ties, adding that: Good relations will benefit both countries. However, these relations incite serious animosities from the enemies; however, counter to enemies’ aspirations, the collaborations and relations should strengthen in different areas.  His Eminence regarded security issues at Pakistan-Iran borders as exigent, and added: The terrorist groups that are responsible for disturbing security at the borders are backed by enemies’ money and arms. The anti-security moves at the frontiers of Iran and Pakistan seek to hurt the friendly relations between the two countries.    n joint press conference with Pakistani PM; Pres. Rouhani: Iran, Pakistan to form joint rapid reaction force http://en.abna24.com/news//pres-rouhani-Iran-Pakistan-to-form-joint-rapid-reaction-force_937921.html April 22, 2019 - 5:23 PM News Code : 937921 Source : President.irLink:    Speaking in a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, President Hassan Rouhani stressed that a new step has been taken for deepening relations between the two countries.  “We are happy that the Pakistani party has designated all groups that are carrying out inhumane acts in the region as terrorist and is acting decisively against them,” he said. There are good potentials for development of economic-commercial relations between the two countries, said Rouhani, adding, “The two countries agree that commercial relations should develop”. “Iran is ready to supply Pakistan’s oil and gas needs,” he added, saying, “We are ready to increase electricity export to Pakistan tenfold”.  He continued, “Important regional issues, the need for more cooperation between the two countries in establishing peace and security in Afghanistan, and also unacceptable actions of the US in the region were also discussed”.    “I am very happy that Pakistan is determined not to engage in any war coalition, and the two countries are after peace and security in the region,” he continued. Dr... Rouhani said, “I am confident that the visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to Iran is a turning point in the relations between the two countries”. At the same joint press conference, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said, “We must not let militants use the soils of the two countries to carry out terrorist acts”. “We require more cooperation in combatting terrorism and violent acts,” he continued. He added, “We are ready to cooperate for establishment of peace and security in Afghanistan, and the solution is definitely political”. He described the announcement of Golan Heights as a part of the Zionist Regime and Al-Quds as the capital against international rules and regulations, saying, “These acts violate basic and human rights of Palestinians”.  Imran Khan Meets Iran's President افسوس عمران خان از صحبت نکردن به زبان فارسی (regret of Imran Khan from not speaking Farsi) PM Imran Khan, Iran's Rouhani Address Joint Press Conference in Tehran 22nd April 2019 GTV News Pakistan-s-PM-Imran-Khan-pays-tribute-to-Imam-Khomeini (رضي الله عنه) http://fa.abna24.com/news/عکس-و-گزارش-تصويري/گزارش-تصویری-ادای-احترام-نخست-وزیر-پاکستان-به-مقام-شامخ-ام_750630.html# http://en.Imam-Khomeini.ir/en/n30806/Pakistan-s-PM-Imran-Khan-pays-tribute-to-Imam-Khomeini
    • ("Amaq News Agency"the ISIS news agency):A security source told us that the attackers who targeted citizens of coalition countries [America]and Nasarai [Christians] in Sri Lanka in the last two days are Islamic State fighters. http://fa.abna24.com/news/اخبار-آسیای-مرکزی-و-شبه-قاره/داعش-مسئولیت-حملات-تروریستی-سریلانکا-را-برعهده-گرفت_750610.html
    • Khorasani will be a person, not a group.  The Yemani, Khurasani, and Sufyani will appear on the same day, of the same month, of the same year.
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    • Laayla  »  Ashvazdanghe

      Assalam alikum brother,
      do you know where the thread for Shias being killed is?  They used to have it pinned on the top of the poltics thread but with the fluid system, I can't find anything.  Today there was many Shias who were hanged or beheaded in Saudia and I want to post about it.  Unfortunately this won't be reported or heard by many Shias and I want to recognize the crimes that Ahul Saood committed.
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    • Laayla  »  313 Seeker

      Assalam Alikum brother.  I thought I would be looking at grapes in your page, and then I see a upside down praying mantis, haha so nice.  I hope you are well and in good health.  God bless you.
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    • MartyS

      Today, we Christians celebrate our Risen Lord Jesus. We thank Our Father God for giving His Son to die for our sins and raise to life again!
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    • Laayla  »  Carlzone

      Assalam Alikum dear sister,  what happened to you?  Are you okay?
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    • Urwatul Wuthqa

      The nobleness of Hazrat Abalfazl al-Abbas is due to his endeavor, sacrifice, sincerity and his awareness of the Imam (عليه السلام) of his time. It is due to his patience and resistance. It is because he abstained from drinking water [he was extremely thirsty] when water was right in front of him; and during this time there was no religious or customary law that would've prevented him from quenching his thirst. The value of those martyred at Karbala is that they defended the sanctum of Truth in the most difficult conditions one can ever imagine.
      Ayatullah Khamenei, July 27, 2005
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