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    • While the US accuses lRl of smuggling missiles into lraq, sending troops into lraq and canvorting around with Martians . . . ln an on-the-street story, similar to the ones carried by Associated Press and al-Jazeera (video):  https://www.reuters.com/article/us-Iraq-protests-nassiriya-killings/with-sorrow-and-anger-clans-mourn-kin-gunned-down-on-bridge-in-southern-Iraq-idUSKBN1YA14S  --a short read Resigned PM al-Mahdi cabals with high powered US delegation: https://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/Story/44959/Abd-Al-Mahdi-US-anti-ISIS-coalition-envoy-talk-uprooting-terror-in-Iraq  While Ayatollah Sistani's jummah messages "no foreign meddling"  https://www.reuters.com/article/us-Iraq-protests/Iraqi-cleric-says-no-foreign-meddling-to-choose-new-pm-in-nod-to-Iran-idUSKBN1YA0YA     
    • No one listens to them, there is still Imam Mehdi (عليه السلام) among us, he helps us when we are baffled.
    • The non-Muslim definition of "dating"?...no. The Muslim definition of "dating"?...yes.  I define the two in different ways. The non-Muslim manner of dating is haram. Plain and simple. Nothing else to be said for it. The Muslim manner of dating is a bit of an oxymoron. Its not really dating in the popular sense of the word. It is getting to know one another for the purpose of marriage through the proper, respectful channels of decency, etiquette and decorum.  Nothing is done without the Parents' knowledge and consent. In fact, I am of the mindset that the rules should be defined by the girl's family as to who, what, when, where, how and why the interactions take place and they should have full authority to say no to anything that is outside of their comfort level. This really serves multiple purposes... It establishes a level of trust and respect between the boy and the girl's parents. It establishes that the girl's reputation is maintained if for whatever reason the boy and girl do not wish to continue the "fact finding" mission. This is completely normal and is in fact the reason for the entire exercise. To determine if the two are compatible and to have them both come to this realization on their own prevents any doubts or regrets on their part. This mutual and respectful arrival at that conclusion allows for a "peaceful coexistence" between the families post breakup. No one has been harmed and it was originally approached as a means to make the determination of potential compatibility. A mutah can be entered into if the families are comfortable with it. It encourages communication between both sets of Parents. Its critical to get to know the other side as a Parent. As everyone is well aware that's already married, you don't just marry the person you marry the family. You marry into their mindset. Their manners. Their status in society. How the Parents come across.  If its a Mother in Law who gives off the vibe of sticking her nose into their life, and you are not comfortable with that it allows for you to make an informed decision as to make a Parental decision on it. Are they someone you would want your Grandchildren to have as Grandparents? etc... I think this approach works well because it allows for a proper, decent means for the boy and girl to get to know each other, with everything being above board with the families knowing all that's happening. It also allows for secrecy to be maintained, especially for the girl because as we all know there is a despicable double standard when it comes to girls vs a boy. This to some degree allows for the privacy of the girl to be maintained based on what her Parents are comforable with. Just speaking as the father of a son and a daughter. Just my opinion on the matter.
    • Guest Pschological Warfare
      No its not only a technical requirement. Its the most Natural things. As He is aware of his kind and sees things in a very different way, compared to a mother. 
    • Exactly, I totally agree. But there are people who can’t agree with this, and instead of peace, they want to destroy them.
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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