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    • Polyandry isn't allowed in Islam. So yes, he has sole rights over you as your husband. Other than that we all belong to Allah. I am sorry if you don't like this, but this how it is. When we see a human around us in a difficult situation it's not just their test it's a our test too.  Well, I read all of your posts even though I chose not to reply, there's a repetitive theme 'men use women, 'men abuse women' egotistical, ego boost ego boost..... We can't know peoples intentions, we don't know exactly what is happening in a marriage between a husband a wife. You have changed your stance, I am glad at least you are now saying that polygamy is something that is acceptable.  5 men, or 50 men or 500 men doing it the wrong way, eastern culture or western, 14 years after Hijrahis or 1400 years after, Allah's rules don't change. Your or my opinion about it makes no difference.
    • There is nothing to like about him and that's all. No need to compare him to other evils and say he is better evil. Evil is evil, hated and cursed by Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) expect if they repent their ways. 
    • Thanks for the comment.
    • He is a dictator and oppressor. However he is better than a western puppet or a wahabi head chopper. Many Muslims make this make of saying, I don’t support Assad because of x y and z. Ok, but what is the alternative? someone worse?  We have to be pragmatic and say, we need a safe and organised Syria, therefore we can pick the best available leader.  Most in the Syria conflict were tricked into thinking there is this magical perfect leader just waiting to come into power. Of course there is isnt.
    • That would be a good place to start, just keep on applying that to everything else now.
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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