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    • I think in our times, especially in the west, marrying a second wife would be problematic.  If you can get the first wife's permission, then go for it. But if the first wife doesn't give you permission, although you can still marry a second wife, obviously there is a high chance that the first marriage will end in shambles.  
    • I will not speculate on the nature of God.  I used to teach Philosophy 101 and Descartes's skepticism and meditations. I think, therefore, I am. I am certain that God exists. It's a matter of the heart and not something that can be ascertained rationally; and the history of philosophy demonstrates this. My knowledge in every sense is limited. My knowledge is based on my circumstances, contexts, cultures, experiences, nurturing and etc.  My knowledge is limited, because as a human, I am limited, physically and mentally.  My knowledge is limited because I am limited to a specific time and space. It's always possible and perhaps even probable that I am wrong. Yes. However, the possibility of me being wrong doesn't affect the possibility of the counter-argument being right. There could be a third argument that's correct. If he does, then his post certainly doesn't show it. You're right. I apologize and am sorry. It's just that fancy, poetic, yet meaningless and unexamined statements have become a pet peeve of mine. It results in some sort of new age spirituality, baseless, and not grounded in God's revelation.  This is why I always repeatedly and continuously ask for solid and acceptable narrations from Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام).  Sophistry is fancy and stimulating, but it doesn't help one spiritually.
    • Are you married to 1 in the first place?
    • Thats not the reason brother. The actual reason is we all got banned or left the forum long time ago. I'm back now..for a while..
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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