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    • 20 March 2019
      Birth of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib AS, the first Imam of Twelver Shia Islam. 
    • 22 March 2019
      By some traditions, Rajab 15 is the Wafat (demise) of Sayyida Zainab AS. Condolences. 
    • 26 March 2019
      Bangladeshi Independence Day, also known as "National Day" and "the 26th of March", commemorates Bangladesh's separation from Pakistan to become an independent nation. It is a Public Holiday.
    • 01 April 2019
      Rajab 25 is the martyrdom (shahadat) of the 7th Imam Musa ibn Ja'far Al-Kadhim AS (al-Kazim, The Calm One). Condolences.  
    • 03 April 2019
      Eid al-Mabath and Me’raj. Rajab 27 is the day of Mab'ath (Selection for Prophethood) when the first verses of the Holy Qur'an were revealed to Prophet Muhammad SA, also the Israa' (Night Journey) and Mi'raaj (physical and spiritual ascension to the Heavens) by the Holy Prophet SA. Congratulations to all Muslims. 
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    • alisayyed

      Just received news that a distant relative, a young and religious father of two, has passed away in a road accident while coming back from work in the city of Mumbra near Bombay. The funeral is tomorrow. Requesting prayers for him and his family.
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    • Revert1963

      إنا لله و إنا إليه رجعان.
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    • ShiaChat Mod

      Salam, members are reminded not to tag a bunch of members to suggest they respond in a topic. If they want to, they will find it. Don't make them feel obligated. Also, it makes members you didn't tag feel unwanted. 
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    • Mzwakhe

      Imam Jaffer as Sadiq(عليه السلام) said: '' Persevere in this world, which is in fact no more than one moment, for that which has passed of this world has neither pain nor pleasure for you (for they have moved on), for that which is yet to come is unknown to you. Rather, the world is the very moment that you're in now, so persevere in that MOVEMENT in obeying Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) & patiently refrain from disobeying Him(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى)." al-kafi, vol.2, p.328, no 4
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    • ali_fatheroforphans

      I am at peace with those who are at peace with you. 
      - Ziyarat Ashura
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    • By starlight in Light Beams
      Growing up we had a poster like this in one of my grandparent's home, handwritten in Urdu by my great grandfather and framed in wood. It was displayed in a prominent place. I remember standing there studying it on many occasions, at others I just stole a cursory glance passing by. Either way it helped me a great deal in acquiring the basic knowledge about the Ahlebayt(عليه السلام). Many of the important dates unconsciously stuck in my memory and other facts,like so many of our Imams (عليه السلام) being poisoned,aroused in me an interest to study more about their lives.
      For some time now I had been wanting to make a similar table for my children.I made it in English for obvious reasons.I plan to print it out and put in their room and hopefully they will imbibe and memorise or at least be familiar with the basic facts about the lives of Masoomen (عليه السلام). Since this is an area where sadly lots of us grownups are lacking too(from personal experience many of the Shias don't know the names of mothers of Imams(عليه السلام) or where are all of the Imams (عليه السلام) buried) I thought I would share it here.
      I made it on excel. With the ShiaChat file upload limits the quality might not be very good and since I enlarged it for sharing here,it's in two parts.(if anyone can suggest anything better, you are welcome)

      Coloured in pink(Imams 6-12) is the era of Abbasid caliphs.All of Imams (عليه السلام) during that time period(except the 12th (عليه السلام)) were martyred through poisoning by their own cousins,the Abbasid Caliphs.
    • By 3wliya_maryam in deep poetry
      In a time of ignorance
      A period of injustice and profanity 
      Where it was filled with insanity 
      Hearts were filled with vanity
      He sent a true messenger 
      To fulfill a mission that would change humanity
      To forbid atrocity and spread morality
      To guide His creatures towards the true message
      To remove the calamities and wreckage
      The hypocrites wouldn't stop mocking him
      Calling him names and throwing dirt
      He let them do so freely, for he was never hurt
      'Cause the Lord was always by his side
      Every night he raised his hands and cried
      Praying that his people would follow the truth
      A man of respect and dignity 
      A man who preached unity 
      He who gave women their rights 
      He who gave the nation its might 
      The Holy Book and the Holy Progeny
      The two things that held the nation together
      But he still knew about the bad prophecy
      He could already sense the wild weather
      Ya Rasullulah,
      Can you see how your nation tore apart 
      When it used to be only one
      Can you see the amount of bloodshed
      Leaving thousands of your Muslims dead
      Can you see the amount of hatred and sedition
      Leaving thousands of your Muslims in a heartless condition 
      Waiting for your chosen ancestor
      To free the Earth from the oppressors
      To fill it with justice and remove the tyranny
      You were the chosen one to mankind 
      An immaculate soul that He designed.
      السلام عليك يا رسول الله ❤️
      اللهم صلي على محمد و آل محمد
    • By 3wliya_maryam in deep poetry
      Am I not allowed to grow a little confidence?
      To get past my self consciousness?
      Why youse gotta restrict me 
      From getting rid of my insecurity
      Youse will never understand why I keep disobeying
      Youse may think I'm selfish, but I keep praying 
      Hoping for a miracle to pass by and change your minds
      I know that it's for my protection 
      But I'm old enough to depend on my own
      Everyday I keep staring at my reflection 
      Wondering when youse will leave me alone.
      But seriously though
      Am I not allowed to grow a little more confidence?
      To get past my self consciousness?
    • By Hameedeh in Think Positive
      The Seventh Imam, Musa Ibn Ja'far Al-Kadhim AS was living in the Holy City of Medina, and while he was praying at the tomb of the Holy Prophet SA, he was arrested, then the tyrant Harun ar-Rashid kept him in prison in Baghdad for almost four years in a cell so small he could not stand up tall to say his prayers. On the 25th of Rajab, Harun had Imam Kadhim AS martyred by poison. Even his corpse was desecrated and taken from the prison and left in view on the Bridge of Baghdad. His devotees managed to bury Imam Kazim AS in al-Kazimiyyah (Iraq). Although Imam Kazem AS was living under complete oppression, he kept positive. May Allah SWT keep us all on the straight path and keep us positive.
      ♥ May your days be sunny, your nights restful, and your heart satisfied with the blessings that Allah has given you. Think Positive. ♥
    • By 3wliya_maryam in deep poetry
      I'm only pretty if I have enough likes
      I'm not so pretty if I only have five 
      I'm only popular if I have many friends 
      I'm only special if I start to follow these trends
      I only get noticed with makeup
      Without it I'm no longer recognised
      You need that flat stomach and those fine curves 
      So you choose to put yourself  through that pain you don't deserve
      Starving yourself till your rib cages begin to show
      You want to be like the rest, because your self esteem is so low
      Society is committing a crime
      With how they define beauty
      Girls can no longer be themselves
      'Cause they fear society's judgements.
      Society made you forget your true beauty 
      That lies beneath all those flaws.
      "And you don't have to change a thing the world can change its heart" ~ Alessia Cara
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