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Punjabi Airways

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They're hella silly threads, y should they stay?

Its the pride of Pakis on Shiachat :D

Its also the pride of Shiachat.

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Summary of this whole thread.

Pages 1-10 A Joke. Followed by discussion on some Punjabi/Urdu words which later on changes to exchange of Nauhas.

Pages 11-20 More Nauhays.

Pages 21-30 Still on Nauhays but has drifted towards the poetic side. Discussion of Poets is introduced and a ‘Mushaira’ if you might call it has started.

Pages 31-48 Poetry slides into the discussion of languages. Moves on to Farsi etc and Sisters learning Urdu.

Pages 49-58Punjabi Airways is HiJacked! While this is going on Some drift towards Pakistani politics and Shiaism within them!

Page 58As the Hijacking becomes old news, some of the crew members start Antakhshiri (instead of songs, Nauhays) while some are still discussing Religious Issues.

Page 59 –61Bhatti brings back some old punjabi spirit on the plane while some turks are whispering under their breath about hijacking the plane towards Turkey! – no one took them seriously though…Little did we know after a few hours they actually did what they blabbed on about! Breaking News keeps everyone informed.

Pages 62-The passengers do not lose hope. They all start thinking of destinations of where to go. Some shout Austrailia, some shout Syria, some Afghanistan…

I think you guys can read the rest of the pages as I’ve just spent 2 hours going through 62 pages. :mad:

I have deleted the useless posts on this thread. Several people have requested for this thread to be opened and now it is, but we must use the freedom to post here wisely. We really need to think about what we post here as one word and one line answers are not sufficient for a reasonable post.

I’ve had to delete 13 pages of that.

Hence with no further delay, I declare Punjabi airways – AIRBORNE! :D


Asad Ali.

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