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Shia in China

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^He doesn't live in China, he lives in Australia. He just went to China to give lectures. Although, I can ask him for the name of the place where the shia community was.


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Salaam Aleikum...

...Goodness gracious! I just googled the phrase 'Muslims in China' and came up with a very fascinating wikipedia article, stating:

Sources, including the BBC, suggest that there may be as many as 20 million Muslims in China, up to 2 percent of the country's 1.3 billion population. Other sources suggest Muslims in China may number up to 40 million, with new rumors saying there are 10 million more hiding. Many believe there are over 100 million Muslims in China. This is based on the census undertaken by the Kuomintang in the 1940's which placed the figure at 45 million. In addition the China year book of 1950 placed the number at 50 million. The figure of 100 million is derived from the population of China doubling since 1950.


That's definitely greater than I had expected Mash'Allah. :)

For the brother soon visiting China, the bottom of the Wikipedia article lists links to some famous/historical mosques there.

* Huajue Mosque in Xi'an

* Dongsi Mosque in Beijing

* Huaisheng Mosque in Guangzhou

* Id Kah Mosque in Kashgar

* Niujie Mosque in Beijing

* Songjiang Mosque in Shanghai

* Najiahu Mosque in Yinchuan

Hope that helped... Thanks for asking the question as it increased my knowledge as well! ^_^

Khuda Hafiz

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Salaam Aleikum...

Terribly sorry, you're right- I feel really silly right now! ^_^ I assuredly read every 'Shia' on this message board but I guess didn't really comprehend it... I knew there was something wrong with my logic, but having gone about a day without sleep I couldn't figure out what.

Sorry for the mistake!

As far as Shias are concerned, which I now googled properly... Doesn't look too promising, unfortunately... However, I do remember hearing last Muharram that at least one maulana had gone to China to read majalises. :)

I hope somebody finds something solid- I'm sleepily intrigued myself. :)

Khuda Hafiz!

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