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Shias in khartoum,Sudan

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Is any one aware of any shias living in Khartoum, Sudan or any Shia community centre/masjids there.

One of my cousins has gone there to take a job in the university and wants this info.


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Yes , there is some Shia in Umdormen ( ام درمان  ) in Khartoum and also some in Port Sudan but most of people in Sudan are Soofi maslak . Which university and for which faculty your cousin are going to be in Khartoum ?


I am an Iranian man stay in Khartoum to support my mother company projects in Sudan , so i am happy to help . please give me email of your cousin then i can contact for further action . my email is asantamasanasia@gmail.com & eskandari56@yahoo.com

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