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Al Kauthar

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I was always told that Kauthar was a river in Jannah. And I read something that said that Kauthar was a name for Sayeda Fatima Zahra (as)

So help me out people for i am confused.

What is Kauther?


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Read this below... It will help a bit, but to get the all the info go on this site... http://www.al-islam.org/gracious/11.htm

Nonetheless, Allah Almighty bestowed benevolence and blessings upon Fatima Zahra's descendants. He implemented abundant multiplicity in them.

The interpretation of the verse:

"To thee have we granted Kauthar" (108:1) varies according to interpreters. The most popular viewpoint of the meaning of Kauthar is a famous fountain or domain, which will be given to the Apostle on the Day of Resurrection; the literal meaning of Kauthar is abundance or abundant benevolence.

Suyuti in al-Durr al-Manthur, regarding the meaning of Kauthar, writes: "Buhkari, Ibn Jarir and Al-Hakim reported on the authority of Abu Bishr Ibn Said Ibn Jubair that Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

`Al-Kauthar is abundant goodness which Allah gave the Apostle.'

Abu Bishr said:

I told Ibn Jubair that some people claim that it is a river (fountain) in Paradise, he said:

`The fountain in Paradise is part of the abundant benevolence which He (Allah) gave him (S)'

Razi's interpretation of the above-mentioned verse is more appropriate. He held the view that what is meant by Kauthar is Fatima Zahra. In Majma' al Bayan, Tabarsi writes regarding this subject:

"It was said that Kauthar means abundant benevolence, it has also been said that it means the multiplicity of a given person; and the descendants of Fatima have enormously multiplied in a way that they will exist until the Day of Resurrection."

InshaAllah this will help you answer your question. :D


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Salam Alaykum,

Not really two different meanings, Sis Laraib. Before the birth of Lady Fatima (pbuher) the Prophet had only two sons, but they had died very young. When the Prophet (pbuhim) started spreading the message of Islam, there were many enemies around; and those who didn't believe in the message being spread started calling the Prophet "Abar", meaning an animal with no tail. They were calling him this because he had no children to carry on his family.

So, when Lady Fatima was born, Surah Kauthar was revealed. When they asked the Prophet what Kauthar meant, he responded that it was a stream in heaven and the man who would give water from that stream to the believers was Imam Ali (A). He then said that Kauthar also meant abundance, and the birth of Lady Fatima meant that, through her, his descendants would be in abundance.

Continuing from where Al^Tareeq*Al^Mustaqeem left off, the promise of Allah (swt) was assuredly true because today, there are many descendants of the Prophet i.e. Sayeeds, while there is nobody who asserts to be a descendant of the unbelievers of Quraish. Hence those who opposed the Prophet, were those who became the rightful owners of the word "Abtar".

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'the kawthar' of Mohammad (pbuh) was only reached to the world through his holy family (as)

I also believe it is a river of paradise ( not a river known of this world) and that it was revealed in honor of Fatima's (sa) birth


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