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Shia tafseer - Authentic interpretation

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Salamun Alaykum,

Go to Al-Islam.org and click on the multi-lingual Quran. They have 4 translation side by side, with arabic. The Shia ones are Mir Ahmed Ali & Agha Mehdi Pooya, and Shakir. The Sunni ones are Abdullah Yusuf Ali (Saudi version) and Pickthall.

BTW, do you know where to get Tafsir Al-Kabir by Al-Razi ? It's a sunni tafsir but suppose to be good too, I would like to read. I will go down to my local Shia library, they have everything like Sunan Abu Daud, Ibn Majah, Tirmidhi, Bukhari, Muslim, Muwatta Malik, etc.

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Salam o Alekum,

One of the best Shia Tafseer books is [b:post_uid0]Tafseer al-MIZAN[/b:post_uid0] by Allamah Tabatabai. Some parts of it Vol 1-10 have been translated in English and is available at Shia book stores and also on-line. However these 10 volumes cover only the first 5 Suras of Quran. Some of this translation is also available on the web at the following link:


Tafseer books are also available in Farsi and Urdu. These include Tafseer al-Mizan and Tafseer Namoona by Ayat. Sheerazi. You can buy them at Shia book stores and on-line. Here is a link to a good book store:



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