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Imam Hasan & Husain on Rasool's back

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Posted 07 March 2006 - 03:51 PM


In a tradition, some Sahabis of Rasool (pbuh) reported that, 'they saw that Rasool is in a position where he (pbuh) has finished his Sajdah and is about to stand for Kayam but could not because two princes Hasan & Husain (as) were sitting on his (pbuh) holy back and Rasool (pbuh) said to them in that position only "how good is your camel and how good riders are u two".

This is the love and respect that Rasool (pbuh) gave to his grandsons & what did the followers give to them

One was welcomed with poison and other was martyred in Karbala

May Allah say laanat to all those who disrespected out Masoomeen (as)

Now I will say
1. Rasool (pbuh) is in the middle of Namaaz and Hasnain (as) are sitting on his back.
2. Rasool (pbuh) has said something about Hasnain (as) in the middle of namaaz.
3. Rasool (pbuh) in the middle of namaaz said something other than Surahs and Duroods in between namaaz.

Now tell me

"Has Rasool (pbuh) committed a Biddat?"
"Is Rasool's (pbuh) Salaat Baatil?"

Rasool's grandsons were on his back, he (pbuh) is not getting disturbed during namaaz and his namaaz is not getting baatil,

Ali (as) gives Zakaat during namaaz and people say How come??...rubbish
Rasool can say about his Ahlulbait during Namaaz and namaaz does not get Baatil,

if we say Aliyan Waliullah in Adhan, Mukassir & Munafiq says our Adhan gets Baatil....utter rubbish.

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