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mohammad hasan

Who is Iranian here?

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salaaam brothers and sisters

im afghnai, pakistani, and irani

a gr8 combination

and proud to be all of em.




its impossible, u can not be all of the above

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I'm half Iranian 'coz ma mum is Iranian.Ma grand-father migrated from Iran to Pakistan in 1948.Ma maternal family resides in Iran.Iran is like another home for me and i visit it now and then.Just returned from eid holidays and terribly missing shiraz.So for all Iranian bros and sis:

shuma chetor hastin?

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I'm Pakistani, but my great great great great grandparents from dad's side were from Iran and my great great great great (who knows how many more greats) grandparents from my mom's side were Afghani Persians, do I count? :P

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Hello friends...

I am not iranian but my exgirlfriend is. Recently started talking to her again....what would be the best way to win an iranians girls heart?? Is there something sweet in farsi that I can tell her ?

I recently started learning farsi because I know that alone will impress her but need more advice. Thanks alot!

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من ایرانی هستم اما من می دانم زبان ، من صحبت نمی کنم صحبت. اما می توانم بهتر از من می توانم صحبت می کنند را درک کنید.

btw: im not good at writing farsi

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Salam bar hameye Iranian!

Man dar America be donya amadam, vali pedar va madaram joft iranian ;)

va dar hale hazer Canada hastam, Kheyli khosh halam ke jame Iranian ziyade inja.

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