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mohammad hasan

Who is Iranian here?

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hi everybody...

I am from IRAN and now live in QOM.

It's very good to be with you.

I have a regional forum in farsi language and soon other language too.

i am waiting for you there.



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salams agha........

omg i love Iran soooooooo much inshAllah going soon again :wub: :wub:...........

anyways Hal-e shoma che towreh agha? :) lol and i am not iranian ^_^


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All my family are pakistani but my dad studied in madrassa e faizia in qom for 7 yrs and i was born in qom, iran, and lived there until i was a yr old. I live in the uk but hav always loved iran, i have learnt farsi and watch irani tv, and my dream is to inshallah go back there soon, hav always been fascinated by iran and farsi and iranian ppl.

ws :)

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Salam bar hamegi

In matno farsi minevisam ke faght oonai ke farsishoon kheili khube javab bedan, albatteh bara kari ke man mikham anjam bedam you have to be fluent english speakers as well! Man ye seri matlab dar morede Edoardo Agnelli daram(albatteh be zabane farsi) mikham in matalebo be english ham rooye yeki as sit-hayi ke dar morede in shia Italian hast dashte basham. Har ki fekr mikone ke mitoone komak kone lotfan be man khabar bede. ajretoon ba hamooni ke bayad ajretuno bede :)

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me me


Really, it was divine submission here by U. and U R the most deserving girl to wish at the occassion of wiladat-e- Fatema-e-Zahar(s.a) Khoda khairetun bedeh

Iranain by heart & nature not by birth or nationality

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salam bar hamegi!

man ham irani hastam va dar su'ed bedonya amadam va mandam ta alan, ta do mahe digar mikham beram iran baseye zendegi insha Allah ta2ala!

Dubilex, vilken stad bor du i?


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Iranian and Proud :) cho iran nabashad tane man mabaad

Khosh halam in hame irooni injaast ... janamiiiiiiiii

and ofcourse am happy to know our other bros n sis :)

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