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mohammad hasan

Who is Iranian here?

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^djibrilcisse is half irani I believe :unsure: Actually theres quite a few half iranis here as well..djibrilcisse, Bismillah, desertleo..I think :donno: Theres a lot more too but they all hardly post :no:

Oh yah and ya imam zaman! Shes irooni too :blush:

lol yes iam irani :blush: :D and danm proud B)

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can i join u guys but i am not irani and i speak dare which is simiar to farse :D

"Dari", "Parsi" in Arabic = "Farsi", "Pahlavi" (the language of Sasanians) and "Tajiki" (Tajikistan's language) are all dialects of the same language but with some small differences in pronunciation.

The differences are comparable with American English, UK English, Australian English etc. or German Dutch, Belgium Dutch etc.

"Dari" is the mother of Persian langauage spoken in today's Afghanistan, Samarqand and Bukhara of today's Uzbekistan and among the Persian speakers of Pakistan and India and it was the language of great Perso-Aryan poets like Rumi, Sana'i, Ansari, Jami, Umar Khayyam, Hafez, Sa'adi, Bidel, Ferdowsi, Daqiqi, Amir Khosrow Dehlavi, Allamah Iqbal etc.

Most of Iranian speak Parsi Pahlavi which has many Arabic, Greek and other words (due to Arab and Alexander the great's conquests).

There are also many Russian words in Tajikistani Parsi due to Tajikstan being part of Soviet Union. Tajiks also use Russian alphabet or cyrilic but after the Soviets many Tajik Nationalists are working hard to teach people about their Perso-Aryan culture, language and heritages.

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I'm an Iranian too, from head to toe.

Apart from knowing whether one is Iranian or not lets find out who lives in Iran and who doesn't.

Me? yes, I live right here, near the blue blue Caspian Sea. As a matter of fact right now that I'm typing, I'm looking at it..... :) very calm and absolutely beautiful......

Anyone here who lives in the North of Iran?

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Most of Iranian speak Parsi Pahlavi which has many Arabic, Greek and other words (due to Arab and Alexander the great's conquests).

Bro mahshar,

This is wrong, there's no greek words. If there is it's probably very few like one or two, I still don't know any greek words. "persepolis" is about the only thing, but it's not a part of farsi anyways. It does have many arabic words though ( the closest language to arabic is farsi so it's no shock), some turkish, few russian and french words as well.

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ma afghani hastim ama to tehran bedunya umadam wa hich waqt to afghanistan nabudam, nemikham begam irani hastam, wa hamintor afghani, mikham begam man ye musalmun wa az hame bishtar shia hastam.

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hehehe.....were do u tink im from?

wait u dont need to answer




IRANIAN!!! whoooooooo iftekhareh man melateh manehh.....BUT i have to say first its the Muslim Ummah then my country :D thats da truth, ama vaghean man ashegeh farhango zabano hameyeh chizayi ke maro bi nazir mikoneh hastam :P

and for the dear brothers and sisters who said if their counted even if their iranian,.....OFCOURSE ur a brother/sister to us even without being iranian :wub: ^_^

allright TAke Care EvERyone


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hi every one im new here and its my honore to be in your forum ,but let me know who is iranian ,im iranian too,just for finding more freinds

salam, man nesf iraniam (half iranian lol). do you only talk to iranians? lol khosh oomadid, I'm new too..but it feels like home. I'm not really shy i guess lol :angel:

Brother just to help you out here...i'll list the Iranians i know here...


Katayon- as above



Freedom Fighter




Majnoon Welayat



Desert-Leo/ MaysamOPM :Hijabi: (i think there the same ppl LOL)






...i might have missed some out...but anyway there all very nice ppl. and there are also Iraqis, Lebanese, Pakistanis and Indians and soooooooo oooooon...its a gr8 community of shias and non-shias seeking to learn more about shiaism :blush:

Holy, how can you know all these people? do you live here? lol ^_^

nice to see you mentioned other than iranians too btw.

I'm half lebanese, and proud of it. I love Lebanon and Iran :wub:

salaam to all the other shi'as here, pakistanis, indians, iraqis ect. :)

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