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Urdu (Only) Noha / Latmiyyas

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At my mosque :huh: Toronto.

Next time I'm giving the camera to another friend; this one obviously couldn't use it properly! I gave the cam to him for 20 minutes, to take pics and vids, and he took like 3 LAME pics, and like 2 clips ^That being one of them.

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It's just a salaam :unsure: ? Jawab for what :blink: http://www.markazimatmidasta.com/mmd/nohas...eekarbalahoo.rm

Ghazi Ik Lahza Khaimai

Sajjad Pai Hy Zulm Ki

Shaam Aarahi Hai

Manta Man Man Haari

By the way I subscribed to your YouTube thingy :unsure:

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LoL that's how we do it here, unless it's the hydro crew :P they get a whole gang :P but their marsiyahs are different, if it's a salaam you don't really need a group. Khair lol that was in the tent for the youth thingy majlis, I read that and went inside the mosque to listen to the Urdu lol. The heaters weren't working in the tent that day, it was freezing :dry:

I still have two more videos of Mir Hasan to upload.

Ya ya :P Upload!!

Ho Meray Laal Kahaan

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http://www.nawhas.com has write-ups to alot of

the nohas from 2005 and before, and it has some

of the new nohas for 2006.

e i can download from.

Salam Imami Ali,

I am looking for Nasir Zaidi's volume 2005 noha in GOOD quality. Can you please send me a link if you know the website where i can download from. http://www.nawhas.com, this website doesn't have in GOOD quality.


Ya Ali Madad

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