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shia mosque/imambargah in Raleigh, NC, USA

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Guest fatima2003

Wa Aleikom 2salaam,

just saying that this is a public forum.... since both of you have each others e-mails you both should remove your e-mails from your posts, if it is too late to do this yourselvs then please do ask a moderator to assist you with the edit.... I understand that you all cannot pm so I understand why you posted them but it is not safe to leave them up......

ma3as salaama


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You can come to Shia Community Center located in RTP (Durham), for further details you can go to www.iabat.org

The address is


2515 E NC Highway 54,

Building 2200 (Century Plaza)

Durham, NC 27713-5263

Directions from Raleigh, NC:

1. Travel West on I-40 W

2. Take the Davis Dr. exit 280

3. Turn left at Davis Dr. (go 0.2 miles)

4. Turn Right at Park Dr. (go 0.3 miles)

5. Turn Right at NC-54 (go 1.3 miles)

6. Arrive at 2515 E NC Highway 54 - Bldg. 2200

Hope this helps.

Thanks & Regards.

assalam o alaikum

I am new in Raleigh, North Carolina and looking for a Shia mosque, imambargah. If anyone has any information or contact address please let me know and oblige. God bless you.


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Salam, I am in Greensboro NC just moved in 2 days ago. I am not familiar with the community. If any one know any Shia Mosque or community in Greensboro please PM me.

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