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Just basic information - Want to know more about shiaism

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Hi Everyone

I may sound stupid ...... but I am Shia and I know nothing about it and am hoping you fellow brothers and sisters help me out here and teach me the basics.

Sadly to say. my parents never really taught us anything.

My father is Sunni and my mother is Shia and I have decided to follow in her foot steps.

It is I think better to learn from fellow shias then reading about it. You all I think have more insight into this then i do.. and I am ashamed to say that.

Am reaching out for your help and I hope you all would.

Thank you all


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Salam Alaikum sis :)

Well, guess what.. you came to the right spot Inshallah.

First of all sis, you have to understand that knowledge is like sea water, the more you drink from it, the more you'd be thirsty for it.  It's like a hole, the more you take from it, the bigger it takes.  No one has learned and said "I have learned enough".  Imam Ali (as) said "The man of knowledge is the one who recognizes that what is known is very little compared to what is not known, and as a result he considers himself ignorant, and accordingly he increases his efforts to know more by going out in search of knowledge."

As you can see, you're already a step ahead of many people who think they have all the knowledge in the world, and dont bother to ask.

Sis, no one was born or grows up knowing everything.  the knowledge of Islam is a vast ocean, and what we know compaired to the prophets and the Imams is nothing but a few drops.

Where do you start?  It depends on you, what kind of learner are you?  Do you learn by reading?  Talking?  Being taught?  Find out what makes YOU learn and relate it to Islam.  Second of All, start with the basics, dont focus on little aspects of Islam.. Start with Usool and deen and Foroo3 al Deen, then start reading th Quran if you haven't done so already.  Then move on to simple books, and  before you know it, you'd be teaching other about this beautifull religion that is Islam :)

Regarding Sunni/Shia stuff.. Ignore that for now sis.  Allthough you've made the right choice (following in your mother's steps) you're still not clear in the eys of Allah yet.  After you've done learning the basic stuff, then you can go and Study about Ahlulbayt, their life, their journy and struggle.  It will deffinetly make you a better person Inshallah.  After that, you will see what path to take, and know if you've made the right choice or not.

I wish you the best of luck sis.  Alhamdullilah you've made it to this forum and I'm sure you'll find it as usefull as others here have.  Dont hesistate to ask any question you have.  As the prophet (saw) said, "Is2al 7ata an yuqala 3nka Majoon!" (Ask till they call you Mad!)

May Allah guide us all and quench us from the ocean of knowledge of Islam.

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Salam All

Just wanted to say Thank you brother Ali. That msg makes me feel welcome and not that stupid LooL .

If you can give me any good web sites that I can go to or someone here that I can talk to.

Thank you for your time :)

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Salam sis , and as bro. Ali said, you are very welcome and I am sure u will meet very nice ppl here, and it will be the pleasure of everyone to SERVE.

starting from that, the bottom line of being Shiee is to be a nice ppl and having a good heart, and I am sure you can know what does mean by nice ppl just by following your heart.

Next, if you got a good heart, then the next pilar of being Shee is to be logical in every aspects of ur life, and that what differentiats "shia" from all other sects and religions.

As a part of being Shee, you suppose to follow a certain schoolar, but wait one sec. All those schoolars will ask you to choose your belief by ur reasoning and understanding. You can not say I believe in Allah cus I follow X schoolar , and he said that I should do so. NO.

You should search and convenice urself about belief in Allah, profet Mohamad, and the path of Ahul ALbait, the judgment day , the justic.. that what they called "Usoal" of the religion. You have to trust a schoolar about details practices , such as how to pray, money maters, and other stuff of the life.

I am sure there are alot of friends her will tell you about books and sites to read. Myself, I recomend book of Shahid Motahary.

hope that help

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Assalamu Alaykum Sister,

I recommend 2 websites for you,

http://www.al-islam.org and also http://www.playandlearn.org

There are a lot more sites, have a look at those 2 and please come back if you have any questions. We will try to answer any question you may have to the best of our abilities..

May Allah (swt) reward you sister..

wa alaykum assalam


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