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Ulama ? - Is this true ?

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Salam Alaykum brothers and sisters,

Is it true that Envy (7asad) exists between Ulama(scholars) 9 times more than it exists between normal people ?

another thing i also heard is that:

- Imam Mahdi(as) when he comes out he will kill many scholars whom the people thought were religous and good ?

does anyone know anything about these 2 statements ? or is it just me hearing from here and there ? :)



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About some cholars being the victims of Imam Mehdi,I have no doubt.

They are also human,and some of them are bound to be influenced too,not just us ordinary people.

[b:post_uid0]The Holy Prophet said: [/b:post_uid0]

[i:post_uid0]"There will come a time for my Ummah when their rulers will be cruel, their scholars will be greedy and have little piety, their worshippers (will act) hypocritically, their merchants will commit usury and conceal the defects of their buyings and sellings and their women will be busy with the ornaments of the world. Hence, at this time, the most vicious of them will dominate over them, and their good doers will invocate but they will not be answered."[/i:post_uid0]

[b:post_uid0]Quran  [9.101][/b:post_uid0]

[i:post_uid0]..they are stubborn in hypocrisy; you do not know them; We know them; ..[/i:post_uid0]

[b:post_uid0]Quran  [63.4] [/b:post_uid0]

[i:post_uid0]..when you see them, their persons will please you, and If they speak, you will listen to their speech; ..[/i:post_uid0]

Even Nebi Mohammed (pbuh) could not recognize them all.Surely we will have some amongst us that are able to conceal his faults and doubts from us.

There are Hadith's that confirms that even among our scholars there are hypocrites.And the Quran says many hypocrites we will not be able to recognize.

It wil show on the Day of Ressurrection.

I've heard of those who are scholars during the day and changes in the night.There are those that are teaching in mosquees and spending of the contributions from the Muslims on them selfs,cars,houses.

I do believe that most of our religious leaders,big or small,are true though.But they exist that are not.


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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh

As ayatullah Khomayni (alayhi as-salaam) sad, nifaaq is sometimes worse than kufr, so a munafeq scholar deserves Jahannam, wallahi!

Rasulullah (salla Allah alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam) adviced imam Ali (alayhi as salaam):

"O, Ali! The destruction of this ummah is in the hands of those munafeqeen whose speech sound nice!"

Only Allah Taala knows the heart of the people, wa 'ilm al-ghayb. But i agree, i think, most of our scholars are good persons, may Allah subhanah wa taala bless them. Unless we dont see bad signs from somebody, we must think the best about him, and i swear our scholars did masha Allah, so much for the revival of shia in this century, masha Allah shias always had brilliant scholars.

About envy, well, there are 2 kinds, one of them is good. We all should compete with each other in deeds and in self-purification because this is fitrah of the human being. Thats why if we are surrounded with pious people we can be pious more easy and if we live among kuffar its more hard to keep iman in our heart (however the reward is bigger if we can, subhan Allah)...But may Allah Taala save us from the negative envy when we are not happy to our brother's, sister's deeds!

Rasulullah (salla Allah alayhi wa aalhi wa sallam)sad:

[i:post_uid0]None of you beleive (la yu2minu a7adukum) until he wishes the same to his brother as he wishes for himself"[/i:post_uid0]

But insha Allah subhanah wa taala imam Mahdi (alayhi as-salaam) will bring the Justice to this earth and he will destroy the kufr and nifaaq. Ameen.

May He subhanah wa taala ahsten the reappearance of our mawla! Ameen, thomma ameen.

Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh

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Imam Mahdi(as) when he comes out he will kill many scholars whom the people thought were religous and good ?

Salaam alaikum,

Recently I was present when people were asking questions to a Sheikh from Qum.  Someone asked about this, only he quoted a hadith that gave the number and the sheikh said, "What makes you think those Scholars will be Shia?"

WaSalaam, Hajar

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