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Ibn al-Hussain

Do you read (Nohays/Latmiyat etc.)?

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I've been reading nohay since i was almost 4.....thats the first time i went to pakistan and my cousin would always play Hasan Sadiq and old school Shabab tapes...so those were the first nohay i learned...ever since then i've been reading....

I usually read Hasan Sadiq, Shabab, and Der-e-Batool nohay.....

the old tapes like 92-94 i have almost memorized, cuz i guess i like reading alone better....

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To my amazement, for the next 10-15mins, he just made 'aaahhh' sounds high & low.


I do that too.. but lost my true voice some years back...

LOL why do you think they do aah before merciya and salam.. its too control your diaphragm..

but yeah the rest of the tips.. well they are excellent..

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I am Pakistani.


you know i herd lata and her sis.. left peppers and spices when they were like 9 i guess.. they really say no spices..

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Your "karr" "Akbarr"is so Umreekan...

@) But it sounds good Mashallah @) The wordings are good too :cry: . Who's is it original?

I had to make sure I was not too loud cuz of the neighbours

Trust me, I know what you mean :Hijabi:.

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i read whenever im given the chance but unfortunately this part of london doesnt appreciate punjabi/saraiki nohay maybe they dont understand them.

i read a couple of times in mehfil e ali this year but gave up the ladies dont want to do matam.

and it gets frustrating when ur reading and hardly ne1 does matam i have started reading in ealing which isnt much better as the majority r talking.

Doesnt make ne difference to me its maulas zikr!

sorry for moaning u guys

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I actually used to read nohas in public with my sisters when I was a lil kid. But now Im just too scared, shy, scared of ppl starin at me.. etc. So,Yeah I read a Sachay Bhai noha 3 years ago and nobody was helping out. It was a very traumatic experience for me and ever since then, I’ve NEVER read a noha in public again.. but I shall overcome that fear and read one this weekend inshallah :Hijabi:

And as far as maintaining your voice goes, i think you should NOT practice, bcuz then you waste your voice and by the time it comes to reading the noha, you'll squeek :squeez: :blush:

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^It's not about squeaking. I never squeaked in the years that I've been reading. It's about going high and doing the pitch at the high pitch without struggling, and keeping your voice smooth and your throat not doing ghhhrr ghrrr, like that...

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I'm an avid reader of nawhas, salaams, qasidas, and manqabats! I usually read at Imambargah (when the men are considerate enough to turn off the speakers in the ladies' area :D ), and also at peoples' house majalises throughout Muharram and Safar. My opportunities are sometimes limited because of my age and gender, but in Muharram & Safar I usually read on well over thirty+ occasions so I prepare (and anxiously wait!) for that time pretty much the whole year- the practice really helps! In terms of qasidas & manqabats, I read at pretty much every single ladies' milaad I get the chance, tho unfortunately those are very few in number. :(

I started reading since before I can recall... Basically, I read along with nawha casettes since I was five and eventually around the age of twelve, I began actually reading- first with others, then finally by myself- which is how it is now. I'm pretty much a regular recitor for the time being I guess- I attend around 3-4 majalises or more a day on weekends, many of which I read at. Keeping my voice in shape is definitely the hardest part- last Muharram, I had constant, endless, irrevokable pain in my throat for a minimum of two months straight from overworking my voice! This Muharram, although I've been reading even more than before, I've become better at pre-planning my pitch so I don't put unecessary strain on my voicebox; in places where the pitch is constantly extremely high and my voice might tire, I cool it down a little and make sure I don't overemphasize and whatnot. But in the end, when actually reading, the most important thing to do is remember just the purpose of azadari, think about the people you are doing azadari for, and be extremely sincere or else not read at all. In the times when I practically cry/get on the verge of tears in the midst of salaams, they sound best and people note the pain in my voice- sincerity is the whole point of reading, and when the voice reflects that it sounds better.

This Ashoora, I stayed from night till morning at the Imambargah with some friends and around 20-30 other ladies and we had endless azaadari literally the ENTIRE night... Followed by three majalises, one after the other, the next day. I read just about every single salaam I had to offer, tried to give jawab on literally every nawha, and read at the very least twenty nawhas throughout the course of the night & morning. My voice was "dying" once I took breaks, but for some reason (Alhamdullilah, Alhamdullilah!) I've hardly experienced any pain and every time my throat gets even a bit sore or my voice gets hoarse, it gets better very soon Alhamdullilah. I'm not sure how to explain this, although I remember on one of the nights this year on which my throat was troubling me the most, I ate an apple (from nazar/hazri, I believe) and IMMEDIATELY after that my voice was absolutely back to normal; no pain. I had previously heard that there are many foods, drinks, and actions to avoid in order to read well, but I'm not certain about that as every single recitor at the Imambargah on Ashoora had drunk LOADS of soda for the purpose of staying awake and it didn't negatively vocally affect anyone, including me, to my knowledge- I guess it may depend though. As far as avoidance, I think a big thing to avoid is talking too much beforehand, although that might be a bigger problem among females. ^_^

Insh'Allah, the guys down here in my age group have been planning on starting an anjuman- I'm going to try to establish a khawateen group of the same name as Anjuman Tableegh-e-Imamia has done. I'm very much hoping that ends up well as women surely deserve a respective place in azadari also. :Hijabi:

Khuda Hafiz!

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Oh and also- moving on to the list of things I've read... I have over 100 nawhas + some salaams compiled in my book and it's still growing Alhamdullilah. ^_^ Here are some of the ones I remember among those that I've read:


Ghazi Abbas-e Jari Teri Wafaa Kya Kehna (Tirmah Zaidi- INCREDIBLE beyond words)

Ali Ke Saath Hai Zehra Ki Shaadi (Meer Hasan Meer- BEAUTIFUL)

Haq Ka Irfan Jo Paya To Ali Yaad Aya (Meer Hasan Meer- BEAUTIFUL)

Ali Ke Zikr Ki Mehfil Sajaye Jis Ka Jee Chaahe (Meer Hasan Meer- BEAUTIFUL)

Is Tarha Se Jeenay Ka, Hunar Detay Hai Abbas (Meer Hasan Meer)

Hum Hussain Waale Hai (Abbas Bandali- this is truly an AMAZING piece)

Mil Gayi Mujh Ko Khudayi Ya Ali Kehne Ke Baad (?)

Aasiya Maryam Hawwa Sarah Sab Hai Kaneez-e Zahra Malka (MY SIGNATURE- Rizwan Zaidi)

Hai Aaj Bhi Zamane Mein Charcha Hussain Ka (Rizwan Zaidi)

Ay Fatima Zehra Tu Masoom Zakiyya Hai (Alamdar Hussain Syed)

Ali Ali Ali Ali (Abbas Bandali)

Meray Mawla Ye Karishma Bhi Ajab Aap Ka Hai (Rizwan Zaidi)

Ali Ka Zikr Karo Roshni Ke Lehjay Mein (?)

Dil Ki Mehfil Ko Sajawo Murtaza Kehne Ke Baad (?)

Al Madad Mawla Raza (Meer Hasan Meer)

Aa Gayi Fatima (Meer Hasan Meer- VERY good)

Sada Aayi Fazawo Se Ubhar Kar, Ya Ali Mawla (Abrar Hussain)

Faaslo Ko Takalluf Hai Hum Se Agar (? - my most favorite naat)

Mera Hussain Baagh-e Nabuwwat Ka Phool Hai (Abbas Bandali)

Meray Mawla Mujhe Do Sahara, Maine Thaama Hai Daman Tumhara (? SIMPLY incredible- one of my fave qasidas for its simplicity yet sincere beauty)

Wafa Jis Ka Parhe Kalma, Usse Abbas Kehte Hai (Meer Hasan Meer)

Kaise Likhu Hussain Pe Kya Kya Guzar Gayi (Nasir Zaidi)

Salaams (some of these are nawhas I've read in salaam form):

Sakina Bibi Ke Bain Irfan (Nasir Zaidi)

Mujraee Khalk Mein In Aakho Ne Kya Kya Dekha (Shuja Rizvi)

Haye Sakina (Shahid Baltistani)

Laash-e Akbar Utha Rahe Hai Hussain (Sacchey)

Maa Ne Asghar Ko Jo Jhoolay Mein Na Paaya Hoga (Hasan Sadiq- this also matches the description of the salaam below)

Ye The Bain Baano Ke Shaam-e-Ghareeban (Tableegh-e-Imamia- this is simply, undeniably INCREDIBLE and the pain one would feel when thinking about the words is almost too much for a heart to bear. Whenever this is read, eyes cannot remain devoid of tears.)

Aajawo Ab Aajawo Ab Aajawo Sakina (Sacchey)

Ro Ke Zindaan Mein Boli Bano (?)

Sunayi Kis Ne Ye Zindaan Mein Lori (by Meer Hasan Meer; absolutely beautiful & heart-wrenching!)

Labbon Se Nikal Ker Azaan Ro Rahi Hai (this is probably one of the most moving ones within memory- this will render everyone within miles silent from its heart-breakingness. it can be found on azadar.com in 2004 or 2005 nawhas under Karwan-e-Sajjad; it's read by a young boy although there's a Meer Hasan Meer version too- in this case the boy reads it better)

Jee Ke Kya Karoo (Sacchey- I have not found a single nawha or salaam nowadays that would come CLOSE to the calibre of this one- the shayari is nearly the most incredible, deep, and painful I've heard as far as I can remember)

Aakhri Raat Sakina Ki (Shahid Baltistani- there is just one word to describe the shayari- HEARTBREAKING. it's said by some to be the most heart-breaking salaam they've heard)

Shabbir Jaa Rahe Hai (Shah-e-Najaf- extremely good shayari, quite mesmerizing & heart-breaking)

Ameen Kaho Bacho (Mesum Abbas)

Haye Muslim Ke Pisar (Ameer Hasan)

Shahzada-e Hussain Ko Ay Maut Na Leja (Something of my own creation =D)

Sehra Ko Gulistan Hona Tha, Shabbir Teri Qurbani Se (Mesum Abbas- INCREDIBLEEE shayari)

Bano Kahaa Talash Kare Apne Laal Ko (Nasir Zaidi- veryyy good)


Tareek Hai Ye Maqtal Baba Dhoondoo Me Kaha Per Laasha (Dasta-e Muhammadi)

Aa Ali Asghar (Nadeem Sarwar)

Jhoola To Nazar Ayega Asghar Na Milega (Irfan Haider)

Parda Duniya Ko Sikhaane Waali (Raza Abbas Shah)

Parday Ka Muhafiz Tha, Wafaadar Kahaa Hai (Raza Abbas Shah)

Baba Teray Baghair Bhala Kaisay Jeeyungi (Shababul Momineen)

Jab Yaad Sakina Ko Teri Aati Hai Baba (?)

Ay Ghairat-e Maryam, Tera Bazar Mein Jaana (Shah-e-Najaf)

Shaam, Haye Shaam (?)

Utho Abbas Behen Waqif-e Baazar Nahi (Irfan Haider)

Ooncha Rahe Apna Alam (Sacchey)

Hussain Teray Lahoo Ki Khushboo (?)

Meri Duniya Ujar Gayi Baba (?)

Kya Abhi Door Hai Shaam (Mesum Abbas)

Ay Shaam Jaane Waalo Sunno (Muhammad AliKazmi)

Jaane Waale Karbala Ke Karbala Le Chal Mujhe (Nadeem Sarwar)

Tamaam Aalam Mein Aaj Matam Hussain Bekas Ka Ho Raha Hai (Nadeem Sarwar)

Na Ro Zainab Na Ro Meray Jigar Ke Tukre Na Ro (Nadeem Sarwar)

Kya Raha Khaymo Mein Sheh Ke, Ik Udaasi Reh Gayi (Nadeem Sarwar)

Achi Nahi Ye Baat Na Roya Karo Bibi (Nadeem Sarwar)

Meray Baba Khairiyat Se Ho (Nadeem Sarwar)

Karbal Ki Kahani (?)

Shabih-e Payamber Akbar, Zibah Ba Maidan (?)

Pardesi Musaafir Ki Purdard Kahani Hai (Irfan Haider)

Jab Se Chaadar Lutti Hai Zainab Ki (?)

Aa Dekh Meray Ghazi, Ooncha Hai Alam Tera (Nadeem Sarwar)

Muhammad Ka Gharaana Karbala Waale Bayaban Mein (?)

Kehti Thi Zainab, Haye Hussaina (Nadeem Sarwar)

Maqtal Mein Tera Sehra, Ibne Hasan Sajawu (?)

Roti Hai Zainab Hyy Alamdar (Irfan Haider)

Surat-e Sher-e-Khuda, Jaaho Hasham Kis Ka Hai (Hasan Sadiq)

Abbas Ke Parcham Ko Hawa Choom Rahi Hai (Hasan Sadiq)

Ya Rab Koyi Masooma (Hasan Sadiq)

Maa Bulaati Hai Aa Ay Hussain (Nadeem Sarwar)

Sakina Kahani Suno (Nadeem Sarwar)

Abbas Aa Rahe Hai (Nadeem Sarwar)

Bhayya Mujhe Bhool Na Jaana (Nadeem Sarwar)

Bazar Ke Manzar Ko Aur Apne Khulay Sar Ko (Shababul Momineen)

Kafela Eik Me Laya Tha Kafela Eik Le Ja Zainab (Nadeem Sarwar)

Na Milega Tujhe Shabbir Sa Bhayi Zainab (Nadeem Sarwar)

Zuljanah, Ay Zuljanah (Mesum Abbas)

So Rahe Hai Sab Meray Waali o Dilbar Rayt Per (Nasir Zaidi)

Sakina Utho, Meri Jaan Utho (Irfan Haider)

Abad Huwi Karbobala (Nadeem Sarwar)

Aaja Meray Bachay (Nadeem Sarwar)

Teray Shehr Se Jaate Hai De Hum Ko Dua Nana (Nadeem Sarwar)

Garm Rayti Pa Me Girta Hoon Sambhaalo Amma (Nadeem Sarwar)

Aa Gayi Bint-e Ali Berida Haath Bandhe Bhare Bazaaro Mein (?)

Mera Qasim Shehzaada (Shabab-ul Momineen)

Sajjad Me Zainab Hoon (Dasta-e-Muhammadi)

Kaisa Hai Sitam Mawla (Nadeem Sarwar)

Kehti Thi Ye Maa Khoo(n) Bhari Mayyat Se Lipat Ker (Tableegh-e-Imamia)

Barchi Ali Akbar Ke Kalayje Mein Lagi Hai (Hasan Sadiq)

Aabroo-e Laa Illaha (Hasan Sadiq)

Ya Zainab-e Kubra (Shahid Baltistani)

Zindaa(n) Hai Sakina Hai Andhera Hai Jaffa Hai (Hasan Sadiq)

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its a bad story, i did read nawhaa once, i literally got barjed off by an uncle ji who said i cant read

i started crying, i was onli 10, i thought this was my destiny, my future

and now i still dont know what to do for a living future

ya Allah, am i allowed to curse the uncle ji?

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Ali imran, I hear u have a good voice, can u plz post a noha u've sung?


Ruqayah for noha always use recited not sung... :mad:

becoz noha always recited by a person..not sung..If u are a singer or u love the songs..then ask to your mother or father which word is perfect for noha or respected things..


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Ali imran, I hear u have a good voice, can u plz post a noha u've sung?




I have enough things posted on this site :Hijabi: where have you been :Hijabi:.

But the ones I read alone, they are from last year. Here's one (Last Muharram-2005)


Everything from this year is here:


Edited by Ali_Imran

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786 92 110


Just listening to ur effort......

Keep up the good work & may Allah (swt) & 14 Masoomeen (as) reward all Azadaars, who make Azadaari possible. Amin.

I made my London debut last Saturday, first read nauhas in the London Juloos with my friends from Peterborough (Ali Ameem Naqvi, Abbas Karim & Mohsin Raza); then read Maqabat @ Idaara Jaafriya.....



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