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driving test

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erm heres a few i knw dat r reli gud--1) read "hasbiyallah" 146 times. every day (until ur test).

2) Or read da ayat at da end of surah tobah- which begins wid hasbiyallah.

3) Also read surah fatah b4 u go on ur test.

4) To accomplish an important assignment:

Following A’amaal is very Mujarrab: Start on the day of Friday and continue upto ten days. Recite Bismil-laahir-rahmaanir-raheem, then, 11 times Salawaat, then, 100 times Yaa Mufattihal Abwaab, Yaa Muqallibal Quloob Wal Abswaar, Yaa Daleelal Mutahayyireen Wa Yaa Ghiyaasal Mustagheeseen, Tawaqqaltu Alayka Yaa Rabbee, Faqdhee Haajatee Waqfee Muhimmee, Walaa Hawla Walaa Quwwata Illaa Billaahil Aliyyil Adheem, Wa Swallallaahu Alaa Muhammadin Wa Aalihee Ajma’een.

5) To succeed in a hard task recite recite this on a Thursday morning while you are going out for it: Last portion of Surah-e-Aal-e-Imraan, Aayatul Qursee, Innaa Anzalna…, and S.Al-Hamd, Inshaa-Allaah you will overcome the task and shall achieve success.

Hope dat helps.....

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About 6 weeks ago my brother went for his driving test and I was 100% sure he would fail. I gave him this dua' the morning of to recite before the test, which is my favourite among the short dua's. I also told him to make an oath to pray 2 rakaat namaaz of shukr and to recite 14 salawaat. During the time of the exam my mother recited Ziyarat of Ashura.




My God how can I call on You (for help) for I am me (a sinful servant)? How can I cut off hope from You for You are You (the merciful lord)? My God (even) when I did not beseech You, You gave me. So who is he who gives if I beseech him? My God (even) when I did not call out, You fulfilled my desire. So who is he who satisfies if I call him? My God (even) when I did not humbly solicit, You took pity on me. So who is he who shows mercy i'll solicit him? My God I beseech You that just as You parted asunlder the sea for Musa (peace be on him) to save him, send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad, and come to my rescue, and deliver me (from these troubles), and disperse (afflictions), and do it quickly, without delay, through Your kindness, through Your mercy, O the most merciful.

He passed :dry: now I have to share my car.


sis ansoo

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mashallah sis dats great!

I got dat dua aswell.. 4got 2 include dat,

Dats reli gud n effective dua.

.........Now all u gta do dua 4 iz dat he gets hiz own car! loll :P

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Salam Alaykum,

Everyone was sure i would fail and i didn't want to fail because i knew i drove good, but i just had these bad habbits. So before i went on my test, i made a Nithr (intention). It's just you make an intention, that if this happens than i will do that. It's usually something good that you intend to do.

So i made a Nithr that if i pass i will put $$ in the charity box, and i passed; Alhamdulillah :angel:



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^^ nice reply sis sayeda 110

im still stuck on my learners but insha Allah the duas you posted will help me when i acctually do my test



Ameen! lol.. Inshallah u'll pass with these duas! Trust me they are truly amazing! :)

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