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On 8/27/2015 at 0:59 PM, laithAlIRAQI said:


Thank you. :)

To be honest though, I don't think it's too difficult to learn languages if you're exposed to them as a child and learn early on in life. What I find really impressive is when someone begins learning a language as an adult or later on in life and manages to become fluent in it. 

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My favourite topic :) cause I adore languages.

Farsi :100% native speaker

French : 60% ( I can imitate their accent very well ) :)

Japanese : 10% I've been learnin for a year

Turkish: my grandpa's mother tongue 20%

Arabic: I can't speak I just understand 70% of Quran n dua while reading

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Urdu and Punjabi (can you throw in (some) Hindi into this group?).

German (most comfortable with).


French (though, only bits and pieces, by now. Been years since I stopped learning...).

Latin (writing/reading/translating, speaking - not so much).

A little bit Arabic (hopefully, it will improve).

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Arabic (Read, write and understand)

English (Read,write and understand)

Dutch (Read, write  and understand)

German (Read, write  and understand)

French (read)

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English is my mother tongue.

Farsi is the language of my family which I speak fluently and since I go to an Iranian mosque I use it for religion.

French is my second language which I also speak fluently.

Insha Allah in a few years I will have a high degree of Arabic understanding as well.

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My Native Language is Spanish

my second Language is English

my favorite language and i can speak is Italian

I Speak Portuguese because my country is neighbor of a Portuguese country (Brazil) and my Family has Portuguese Origins.

i can say some words in Japanese, arabic, French but not very well...

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