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I have standard normal knowledge 0f these languages.

English: Official language of the country [Read,Write,Speak]

Urdu: National Offical Language [Read,Write,Speak]

Seraiki: My Native Language [Read,Write,Speak]

Punjabi: Neighbouring Language [Read,Write,Speak]

I have less than standard knowledge of these languages:

Hindi: plegiarised Urdu [Read,Write,Speak,Understand partially]

Sindhi : language of Sindh Province of Pakistan [Partially read,write,speak]

Persian: zabaan-e-sheereen [partially read,write, speak]

Arabic: Official language of Islam [Read,write, no speaking no understanding]

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I can speak and write in Urdu and i cant read Urdu or Arabic but i can speak some of Arabic like i know how to say the numbers 1-10 and 40 and 11-20 in Arabic and I know how to write ,speak in English ,Spainsh, Hindi and French fluently :)

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I can speak the following languages fluently: English, French, Gujrati, Kutchi

I can speak moderately and understand most of: Urdu and Kiswahili

I can understand a little, but can read and write: Farsi, Arabic

I learnt but have now forgotten: Spanish!

Being a modern foreign languages teacher in a secondary school, this is an interesting thread for me!

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Punjabi is my mother language

Urdu is our national language

English was my language of study,

then i studied Russian laguage which now i have forgotton a bit,

lived in austria so know a little bit of german,

Now living in spain and i know spanish,

and about to learn CATALAN as well,

so at the moment,Punjabi,urdu,english,Spanish r the language which i can understand(read ,write,speak)

take care



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spanish/french/urdu/farsi/german.......pretty much all boring

for what reason would i know another language :!!!:

ps. if i didnt name your lang. its probably even more boring than those above

ps. again...if this message offends your culture or whatever else....it wasnt written for you! so close your eyes or move on

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I can speak, understand, write, and read fluently:

1. Arabic

2. Farsi

3. French

4. English

I'm learning and can understand and speak some :



Planning to learn (lol..I'm serious)


Open to new interesting languages ( after finishing the ones I'm learning and planning to learn) :)

Imam Ali (as) : "Kollo lesaanen insaan" : Every tongue is a human being .

ps. I'm 4 people and 2 halves :D

Edited by Zamzam

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ok well:

English Fluent everything

Spanish Learning for past 5 years

Swahili Fluent

Arabic learning for year

French learnt for about 7 years

and then there are the harder languages:

American, Australian and Harrow boy!! (harrow boy = london joke)

lol. kidding (though i may have of voted 8..... by accident :blush: )

but i would love to learn chinese!!

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english, french and spanish completely fluent

swahili can speak fluently, cannot write

hindi and gujerati can speak

didn't learn Mum's languages which are cantonese and hokkien but if you saying bad things around me i can make out!

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My mother languages is Turkish but i'm not really that great at it

Official languages here in Belgium are Dutch

French too (already receiving it 5 years)

German too (this year is my first year but i can understand it easily thanks to Dutch)

I know very well English (receiving it 2 years but i'm using it since i can remember ^_^ )

I am also good at Latin (3 years but we don't receiving speaking lessons)

For Islam i know a little bit of Arab but i really want to learn it, a lot of words of Arabic origin(and Persian) are still found easily in Turkish

I'm also interested in Japanese and i know a few words . B)

Maybe even Persian and/or Chinese :lol:

I think i know by now many Western languages .

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  • Urdu (mother tongue) - the language that gave me my culture and my religion
  • English - had to learn as it was the medium of instruction from school to university; found it useful later
  • Punjabi - Lahori version (understand it easily but speak and read with difficulty) - I live in Lahore
  • Hindi (understand) - learnt it listening to samachar(news) on Aakash Vaani(All India Radio), not watching Bollywood movies ;)
  • Arabic - Egyptian dialect (reasonably understand, speak with much difficulty) -lived in Cairo for 5 years
  • Arabic - Qura'anic - read (learnt by the rote), understand a bit with difficulty

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Hindi, English, Spanish, Gujarati, and Urdu

but some people say hindi and urdu are the same.... except hindus say they know hindi even though most i know speak gujurati and muslims speak urdu

i need to learn Arabic... and I am going to take Latin this year... maybe next year I will take French and German

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wow sis zamzam, ure almost as good and ambitious as me.

pity u dont know the best language in the world ie curry.

anyways, i kno dari coz my parents r afghan.

i kno curry coz i was born in india.

i kno english coz it was a main language bak then (which means i musta had the curry accent b4 coming 2 oz)

i kno farsi coz the iranians were sooo annoying and theyd speek farsi to me coz im afghan & i wudnt understand a word so this motivated me 2 learn their feminine language (although the formal farsi is hott).

i kno basic level french fluently lol coz i did it in yr 9, 10, 11, 12 and aced it in uni.

unfortunately i know swear words with perfect accent in many languages eg italian, chinese (cantonese), korean, armenian, arabic, etc.

i attempted to pik up italian twice at uni and even enrolled in it but i had 2 drop it both times for Allah knows why. (to me the sexiest language).

inshaAllah ill learn arabic by 2012

and will perfect my indian, farsi and french by 2015.

oooh, and i think the ugliest language(s) in the world are vietnamese and turkish.

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Arabic - mother tongue

French - education language (1 year in France)

English - very fluent, second language (short stay in the US)

Spanish - almost intermediate

Japanese - my first year

I am currently studying Biblical Hebrew (which means I can read, understand and write Modern Hebrew but not speak it). I have also studying Latin for a year.

I would love to learn :



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