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Let me inform you about me:

Urdu is my mother-toungue.

But i got education in English medium

Hindi is our official language, the official language of India.

Marathi is our state language, language of the state of Maharashtra ( Bombay)

Arabic is Religios language i know only to read and understand words in it but no sense of sentence.

So i know Urdu, English, Hindi fluently

But can also use Marathi if required and use a bit of Gujarati etc.

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Gujrati my mother tongue, i can understand it and can say few sentences but not perfect on it.

Urdu, i can speak, write, talk and read.

English, i can speak, write talk and read.

Arabic, can understand very little, can say only few sentences like taal ya binti, (thts wht dad says to me somtimes)

So i can talk fluently in english and urdu :)

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Arabic-my mother tongue (fluently)

English-Fluently as well

Spanish( can read, write, understand little, and speak little) :angel:

oh and French as well...can read and write..can't speak nor understand:squeez:


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hindi (understand, but cant' read or write it)

english (can read and write it)

thai (both)

burmese (cant read or rite but understand)

spanish (can read, write, understand)

urdu (can read, write, understand :P



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*I can speak arabic, (my native tongue) read and write it very fluently.

*I've lived in the USA pretty much all my life so I speak english, read it and write it very fluently!

*I can also speak some spanish (still working on it though) I undersand it better than I can speak it. :)

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Guest jnoobi_nami


Arabic (my first language)


french (not too much)

learning Farsi

also i can speak Lebanese, Iraqi, Syrian, Egyptian and Palestinian :angel:

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umm i speak english....a lil farsi, n very lil arabic

undrstand: english farsi n lil arabic..n now a lil bit of turkish :P

write: english, arabic

read: english arabic..very lil farsi..o n turkish

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speak, read and write english (mothers tongue)

can speak and understand urdu...i know how to read a teeny bit

hindi..can speak and understand..can't read or write

arabic.......can't understand arabic nor speak it..but can read and write arabic

spanish..read write understand..can speak..not fluent

thai......can't read nor write, can speak a bit...understand a bit

burmese....understand...but can't speak read or write

english rules all lol

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J'espère que chacun est très bien

and in the best state of Iman

4 koi acha adad nahin magar mujhay char zubanon per uboor hasil hay :D

hun main jandaan, Rab Rakha

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