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To all Indo-Pak Syeds

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Assalamu alaykum,
Brother Saadat,
I am not syed, but I know about a suburb called Mohaan,Unnao district,U.P., situated 30 kilometers away from Lucknow, which has several syed families. Their ancestors had migrated from Neshaboor, Iran. One such village in Neshaboor called 'Baar', which has 968 saadaat families. Out of them 407 families are Rizvi syeds and 561 are Hussaini syeds.
Other villages like Sandila of Hardoi district and Nilhaur of Kanpur district also have large syed populations. Infact, the majority of the population in these villages comprises of syeds. It is generally believed that their ancestors migrated to India circa 1273 AD from Qom, Mashhad, Neshaboor and Ishfahan provinces of Iran.

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So People I am syed and I want to give you my intake on this with best of my knowledge .

First of all syed is just being different from other caste as this is a pious relationship with the one person SAWW through bloodline , jin ke lya kaianat bne , so people should respect syed as  their forfathers used to do in past  . 

Second I will just clear some myth and uneducated things which mostly I found in india , pakistan . 

Q. Syed ko aag nahe lgte ? Syed dont feel fire heat , because its haram on them .

A. Syed are humans too , the fire thing not mention in right hadees etc but if it is there it meant fire of hell .but as we have sinner in every caste so does you can find bad syeds too . But we should focus on real things and good persom and positivties . 

Q. Syed can only be sunni or shia ?? 

A. For being syed it is just that your blood linkage not believes , I know two syed bro one adopted shiaism other wahabi , does it means they change their father . People learn differently its ok to believe something different . 

Q. All sahaba syed or people from banu hashim and banu quresh ,  so qureshi, hashmi, saddiqi also syed ! 

A. Even according to syed haters we can generally categorise that term to the clan hashim , or the wives of SAWW same time most agreed even verses that came describe the family of Muhammed and khadeeja r.a . Even if some one thinks other yet the SAWW direct bloodline is purer andand most, respectful  than most . 

Q.  If most of syed shia as natural phenomenon forforwhat what they bear in past , why they not play part in discading things that misused on shia name 

A. Yes most of syed shia but all shia are not syed , even when I will discuss imam you come to know why many syed sunni too though it again have to do with believes , believes do not change blood line . Yes shia specially in pak etc now a days many bad people used this shia to used some minority things from laws to avoid issue in their bad doings , they usually are sunni or for them sunni shia wont matter , like people with bad attentions try this , for example shia and follower of 12 take all knwoeldge from Quran , Rasool and after that bloodline , in those time muttah used to happen and holy prophet didnot haram it , but muttah was not as it made it in today world , it was very strict and allowed in emergency like war etc not to enjoy as eating donkey meat escaping death , so muttah was to avoid zana , hazrat umar banned it and shia follower of 12 do not consider mandatory to follow him , so they do no practice it but it is not haram in shia sect and kanjar type people used it so they become shia overnight , it is like now a days hooker using veil for hooking up , is veil bad ??

After amswering this I will just answer what I found missing in above discussions .

Syed is bloodline of hazrat Ali and hazrat fatima A.s . We will not discuss hazrat ali other children from wife those people usually are alvis , they do not write syed and are very loyal people like hazarat abbas A.S was . Some malik awan from qutub shahi also claim to be from hazrat Ali and other wife . 

Similarly some mirza say that we started from a syed mother and non syed father 

I will focus on syed and to topic 

Syed can be categorsie into hasni , hussaini , hasni syed mostly lived in Saudia and in some part of time they used different word for them , mostly hasni syed those lived in arab and not migrated are now mixed with arabians more than hussaini syed , I do not have there exact biodata .some of them in arab still right fatimids in name . Though hussaini also fatimids but do not write that . Now I will discuss hussaini syed only

Now when hazrat ali zain ul abdeen arrived back to Saudia from kuffa , he was one from whom syed bloodline thn emerge , his son zaid ibn ali zain ulabdeen and others , some followers said zaid is our imam ,zaid bloodline call them zaidi and zaid follwers call themselves zaidia who believ in 5 imam, though zaidia change a lot with time they mostly lives near saudia and hootis all are zaidia , but zaidi the bloodline travelled to Iran , bukhara , afghan and subcontinent as missionary etc now most follow 12 imam . So zaidi are from zaid ibn zainul abdeen , the other call them abdi syed those whom bloodline have no other imam in it , 

As you know minority accepted zaid A.S their imam and majority went for imam baqir , ziad ibn Ali zain ul abdeen was very pious too , and he was one who raised voice and sword against zalim yazeed and his bloodline era , and sunni imam abu hanifa supported zaid ibn zain ul abden fully , and zaidia are 80 percent like sunni from namaz offering to believes , zaid said people I always listen good about Hazart abu bakr , umar and usman from my elders respect them though we suffer in hand of banu ummayd but we should respect those pillars . So this is where sunni and shia does not matter ,the one who took bit revenge of karbala said this . These zaidia people people are yet sufferig in hand of saudia as they favor iran , againagain zaidia is believs and zaidi is bloodline of hazrat zaid which can be sunni , shia follower of 12 or others like most hootis zaidia follower of 5 .

After it same goes to where some people divided that Ismael is from hussaini mother and imam jaffar is from a maid , but most follow imam jaffar and here minority called themselves ismaili , later on they made changes in their sect so much that both zaidia and shia 12 do not accept them as muslim .

So back to topic like sunni , shia have many sects , if a rana is dio bnd or wahabi , he is still rana 

So for syed nisbat is just to know which imam bloodline you belong although all belong to Imam zain ul abdeen , its just to know better , similarly now as many hundered years passed and peoplr spread that no one can come up with data so few years back people used to remembered through region wise too , first nisbt and than region , regions are bukhara, gardez , andrab,hamdan , sheraz , trimaz etc etc to kashmir , a zaidi can lived in bukhara and kashmir so he is bukhari or kashmiri but nisbt is imam zaid . See a trimzi can be zaidi , abdi as no other imam bloodline lives in trimiz to most of people so nisbat abdi , zaidi , kazmi, naqvi, rizvi askari , baqri etc etcI nothing to do with region , 

Now take this examples 

In pakistan there are many naqvis but they never lived in bukhara and call themselves just naqvi .  And those belong to bukhara call themselves naqvi bukhari among them shah jallal ud din, shah surk posh bukhari's bloodline   , they judge others as most others like trimizi are migrated from india , and lost al lthe land due to poorness they do not look as great as them as bukhari naqvi was lucky as shah surkh arrived here and lived long and died here so bukhari naqvi are here from many years and rich ,though many other most rich but migration do harm lol . 

Similarly in kasmiri on indian side many andrabi syed or bukhari which from nisbt all are zaidi and abdi like wasti are zaidi or trimzi . 

Hope so this will answer all .

But now a days people learned caste are no significene in first world its all 3rd world doings but only syed have edge that their bloodline is starter of religion we call islam its not proud we should fear Allah .

If you bring 2 kids one from brahmen hindu one from shudar or one kid from syed and one from mirasi and raise them in US , you can not differentiate them as education, but here in pak india its not caste famous for things , its traits that they learned from elders so they behave like that , its what they been taught . But as distance become shorter and now people do not live clan wise in certain area , in coming years all caste will mix up more its history that tell how human transformed . In Usa there was racism but now in mostlarge parts gorget about race old time chritian marrying old time jew and muslim male marryig christian and now a days jew girls are fond of muslim male in glorida state university , cheers 

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