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Seiful Islam

Palestinians continue to resist despite ....

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continue to resist despite Israeli oppression [/b:post_uid0]

Occupied Jerusalem: 30 July, 2002 (IAP News)

A Palestinian guerilla with explosives strapped to his waste blew himself

up in West Jerusalem Tuesday, killing himself and wounding four Israelis.

According to Israeli police spokespersons, the guerilla was seventeen years old and came from Bethlehem, just south of al-Quds.

His identity has not been released and it is not clear with which

resistance group he was affiliated.

Earlier, two Jewish settlers were killed by Palestinians at the village of Jama'ain near Nablus.

The Israeli state-run radio said the two settlers were on a business trip

to the village, but local Palestinians scoffed at the Israeli account of

the incident, saying the settlers were only after the business of killing.

Following the incident, in an act of illegal collective punishment, the Israeli apartheid army sealed the village and imposed a strict curfew on its estimated 8000-inhabitants.

Earlier, a Palestinian guerilla was killed at the settlement of Itamar near


The Israeli occupation authorities claimed the man attacked Jewish land

thieves - erroneously called "settlers" by the zionist press - in the area and injured two of them before he was killed by Israeli occupation soldiers.

The renewed tension and violence come in the aftermath of the pogrom which messianic Jewish cultists carried out against Palestinian civilians in

Hebron in which a young Palestinian girl was killed and more than 20

Palestinians, mostly children, were injured.

According to the Israeli Hebrew paper, Yedeot Ahranot, Israeli soldiers and

policemen took part in the two-hour rampage.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation army continued to impose stringent

restrictions and punitive measures against Palestinian civilians in the

form of mass imprisonment of hundreds of thousands in their own homes.

The collective imprisonment, euphemistically referred to as curfew, has

brought Palestinians to the edge, prompting thousands of them in Nablus to pour into the streets to buy food, risking being shot dead by Israeli troops.

The Israeli apartheid regime hopes that by employing Nazi-like measures

against the Palestinians, they will come to terms with the fact of Jewish

enslavement and apartheid.

However, in light of the continuing Palestinian resistance, it seems that

much time will pass before the rugged hills of Palestine can experience

real peace and calm.

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