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Seiful Islam

An international humanitarian scandal - The most dangerous stage in ou

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[b:post_uid0]An international humanitarian scandal by all standards[/b:post_uid0]

The Security Council is discussing the ugly massacre the Zionist enemy committed in Gaza, and America threatens to veto any resolution that condemns this terrorist act, making it clear that it is attending this meeting unwillingly. The other members are trying to reach a resolution that does not condemn Israel so as not to oppose the US that dominates the Council and leads the Quartet Committee whose members refused to call the massacre an act of terrorism, although they have always volunteered to call the martyr operations as such.

       As for the Arab League, it issued a communiqué to save face, for it did not include any stance that suggests an effective support of the Palestinians.

On his part, the enemy is trying to subdue the issue by talking about a mistake and an investigation; as well as offering a bribe to the Palestinians, such as easing the closure, or releasing some of their funds…

       Therefore, the international community did not condemn the act, but only criticized it, which amounts to a scandal on the international level suggesting that this world is one of arrogance that condemns the downtrodden who demand freedom and independence, while it views with leniency the crimes of the arrogant powers, especially the Americans and Zionists, whether in Afghanistan or Palestine.

In view of all this, what is the meaning of man’s rights is the West? What is the meaning of the statue of liberty in America? What is the meaning of Arabs’ and Muslims’ pride and dignity? The Palestinians are crying for international protection, but America prevents this and gives Israel a green light to continue to kill the Palestinians with advanced American warplanes… Then it decides to give the Israelis 200 million Dollars, and says that it understands even in these circumstances.

Israel’s need for “self defense” against Palestinian “terror”, as the American president described the Palestinian militants.

[b:post_uid0]The most dangerous stage in our history[/b:post_uid0]

The Palestinian people stand alone in their confrontation of this arrogant world with the exception of few shy voices here and there. They are also gaining more steadfastness and more resolve to continue the Intifada... The Palestinian masses -men, women, children and elderly- continue to defy all the curfew and closure measures. They are demonstrating to demand revenge with militant Mujahideen operations.


   We are waiting for the Arab and Muslim voices, as well as those of liberation movements in the world, to initiate a political and informational Intifada of their own, since what is going on has surpassed, being a process of extinction and irradiation, all what has happened before. It is the most critical stage in the nation’s history, and we have to be up to it.


 Meanwhile, America is trying to boost its image by dedicating 135 million Dollars of its 2003 budget to enhance its radio and television broadcasting to Islamic countries to confront the “hatred” for America. We say to the American Congress that passed this law that billions of Dollars cannot alter the ugly American picture, as long as it keeps this oppression policy against the downtrodden nations of the earth.

       The only way to boost the American image is change its policies of repression and support of the Zionists and the other forces of exploitation and oppression for these who seek liberty and independence.

[b:post_uid0]The farm mentality[/b:post_uid0]

As for Lebanon, whose economic and political ground is shaking, while the grounds of the area around it are shaking military, without any of this being able to change the political mentality, or action…. How could a government that is unable to solve a minor crisis be trusted with solving the major economic crisis? It is the mentality that took over the country in the past and wants to destroy whatever hope in the future it has left… When will the Lebanese political circles, especially those in the government put an end to this deadly course… We do not mind any difference in opinion regarding the means of saving the country, but to enter into political rows to protect private interests or privileges is something we cannot accept.

To all officials, we say that the country is critically sick with the psychological impact of your feuds making it even worse… when will you thrive to get it into the intensive care unit where it could, receive the adequate treatment, regardless of how big a chance to survive it has left.

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