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Malik Al Ashtar

Why Pork is Haram in Islam?

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It is impossible for the creatures to know everything cause ALLAAH alone knows everything,..if ALLAAH ordered something not to do we must obey him for he knows everything for us as his creatures and he knows the best for us so we must just trust him, respect him and follow him,...but we cannot get his full knowledge about why he is ordering those things even how long we study cause we cannot be compared to him,.. We must not follow the path of shaytan when ALLAAH ordered him and the angels to bow to prophet adam and Ibliss refused to do it because he compared himself to human being that he is better than Adam behind his human weaknesses even ALLAAH told them that he know things that they do not know. If ALLAAH ordered us and we cannot find the satisfaction of why he ordered for something, we must still obey him or we will be in the same sin like the ibliss made and it is a very great disrespect and shirk to ALLAAH swt. And this kind of disrespect to ALLAAH is like you are saying that you know better than ALLAAH if you disobey him cause it is the same as questioning him for his capabilities.

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