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You Want Me White

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by Alfonsina Storni


You Want Me White

You’d like me to be white as dawn,

You’d like me to be made of foam,

You wish I were mother of pearl,

A lily

Chaste above all others.

A delicate perfume.

A closed bud.

Not one ray of the moon

Should have filtered me,

Not one daisy

Should have called me sister.

You want me to be snowy,

You want me to be white,

You want me to be like dawn.

You who have held all the wineglasses

In your hand,

Your lips stained purple

With fruit and honey

You who in the banquet

Crowned with young vines

Made toasts with your flesh to the Bacchus.

You who in the gardens

Black with deceit

Dressed in red

Ran to your ruin.

You who keep your skeleton

Well preserved, intact,

I don’t know yet

Through what miracles

You want to make me white

(God forgive you),

You want to make me chaste

(God forgive you),

You want to make me like dawn!

Run away into the woods;

Go to the mountain;

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thanks for that bro its quite deep and powerful when u think about it :P i wonder what it means by white dawn?? :huh: well i guess as long as u dont have to analyse it or something u dont need to think too hard about whether dawn can possibly be white...hmmm....tho i like the lily concept...

fi amanillah :blush:

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well I happen to be writing an essay on the poem so ive had a chance to look at it a little more closely :angel: so regarding the white dawn heres what i came up with...

Dawn in itself is not white in the least; rather it is ordinarily a blend of vibrant colours. Having said this, dawn does pierce the blanketing darkness that plagues the earth at night, and what follows is the coming of a bright new day that shines with the white light emitted by the resplendent sun. Either way, white is a symbol of purity and cleanliness, thus to be white is to be untainted by the darkness of flaw, and to be flawless is to be the impossible. So what is wanted from her by her lover is unfeasible and it overlooks her natural human tendencies. This theme is recurrent in the poem.

and as for the lily, its meaning is two fold, it is for one beautiful and it also emits a sweet fragrance, So in effect what is wanted from her is a striking beauty and a dizzying scent of sweet love and affection, a perfect combination that is to be found with the construct an imperfect being.

salam B)

Edited by Al-Murtadha

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Thanks for posting that poem Al-Murtadha bro. Really thought provoking.

Symbols and metaphors help us understand our everyday language and figures of speech. Almost every item, every word, every idea hides a certain symbolism. Colours are rich in hidden meanings and symbolisms. What is more, colours have a very interesting story to tell.

White, for example ( since its the main colour expressed here), is sometimes defined as the absence of all colours and sometimes as the presence of all the colours of the spectrum of light. It symbolizes truth, purity, glory and the road to heaven. White can sometimes have a negative meaning as well. It can symbolize the pallor of death. In China it symbolizes age, autumn, misfortune, virginity and purity.

WHITE---> Reverence, purity, simplicity, cleanliness, peace, humility, precision, innocence, youth, birth, winter, snow, good, sterility, marriage (Western cultures), death (Eastern cultures), cold, clinical, sterile.

dunno just wanted to add mythoughts :)

with duas,

*bintil huda*. :angel:

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