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guys if u wanna learn farsi there are two sources.

If you like to learn like a classroom then go to www.easypersian.com which is probably the best site for learning farsi that you will find.

BUT if you like to learn through images and hardly (or no) studying methods making it more like learning it as if u learnt your mother today, then use Rosetta Stone. Where to get it and how to use ... PM me. And it also teaches many other languages

for turkish, i am not very familiar with it but try this website http://www.turkishclass.com/turkish/lessons/turkish_classes.php or obviously Rosetta Stone

by the way u can try rosetta stone Spanish Demo

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Guest Mushu

You gotta be kidding me right .... Nasil siniz abbey ?

that face made me feel like '' cold turkey'' :wacko:

Sen buyuk kush. B)

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Guest Mushu

Lol i am. I dont speak turkish, i just know a few phrases. My best friend from like 11-17 was turkish.

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who can talk in farsi or turkey?I can talk in 2 language and can help whom want to learn those insha_allah ^_^






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I'm Iranian and speak Farsi, I like to learn Turkish , do you know any free source, where I can access , MP3 files with transcribed text of the same subject?

my email is : alipasha313@gmail.com


please put my name in the subject. this will help me your response quicly.


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i love farsi accent and really want to learn. its really polite language.

i can speak none...but i can speak Urdu, Punjabi, English biggrin.gif

actaully i cant speak punjabi but i can understand it biggrin.gif

ki haal chal nay wadiya o ? ki ho raya way ajj kaal ? kithay rainday o ? hoor sunao koi nawi tazi ?... its punjabi language do u understand it lolx 

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